building a billion dollar business

If you take a look, you’ll notice that millionaires wanting to become billionaires are fewer than people who never made a million before. The question is: What do they know that we don’t?

Ideally, when taking such a prominent step, we should only learn from real billionaires. As for the average millionaire, making billions looks even harder because you have already experienced the journey.



Most billionaires feel about making money the same way as breathing. You stop caring about it the moment you get your financial freedom. Because of this, it is impossible to reach the Billion milestone when your sole goal is money.

Changing the world gives fuel for a lot of visionaries every day. When people feel fulfilled with their work, they don’t mind putting more time and money on it. After all, money is about the perception of our personal goals.



It is said that the difference between making seven and ten figures is the scaling and way of thinking. Most of them would say it is like playing a completely different game.

In a world with plenty of opportunities, everybody can become a millionaire. However, stepping up requires serious adjustments, especially with our lifestyle.

The point is no one who became a billionaire made it by wanting to be that way. They focused on the bigger picture every day.

Entering this club usually means higher responsibility and impact. As a no turning back point, billionaires always work on their vision. On the other hand, millionaires are the only people thinking about vacations and passive income.

billion dollar business


Getting this ambitious objective is 100% of the time focusing on long term thinking. These people are capable of risking their lifestyle to fund their business and have better reach.

Now, you may wonder where do these people get that much determination. Even though most of it has to do with their meaningful purpose, vital determinants are their habits and routines. The more energy they get from them, the better they move the world.

There are the ones that take self-care very seriously. Optimizing their body with innovative tech such as Le-Vel Thrive is a pretty common scenario.

Mind that even the slightest changes in the present make a huge distinction in their long term performance.



As shown before, seven and ten figure earners present gigantic differences. While millionaires can succeed by any means, billionaires make sure to:

  • Have no distractions: This ensures them to get by with several hours of productive work done. What’s more, they are highly focused individuals who can produce high-quality results.
  • Have passion: No one would ever want to do something we hate for the rest of their lives, no matter how well it charges. Passion avoids giving up, fixes problems and makes things happen.
  • Innovation: As you can see, always thinking long term allows these rich people to be lots of steps ahead of anybody else. Most of them don’t even care about their competition but their customers. In addition, turning creative ideas into reality is an exciting activity that makes entrepreneurs wanting to keep moving.

In essence, the perfect millionaire knows the person the world needs them to become. It is never about the money, but always about leaving a legacy.

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