I’m the business world negotiation is everything. A person’s negotiating skills can be the difference between gaining or losing a business deal that could’ve been there greatest thing that could have happened for you and your reputation. Some people are gifted with skills in the art of negotiation while others have to work for those skills. 


For those that put in the effort to obtain negotiating skills there is there choice of practicing on their own, yet the choice of being trained in the art of negotiation is more advisable. Instead of trial and error a person that is trained in negotiation can better their skills in negotiation without the experience of losing important business deals due to a misstep or improper phrasing of words. When it comes to the world of business negotiating matters. It can make or break a career.


The Art of Negotiation


The fine art of negotiation is a useful tool that is used everyday in the business world. In order to master the art of negotiation it is important to first know the components of negotiation such as preparation, point of view discussion, negotiating a win-win outcome, coming to an agreement, and finally implementing a plan of action for the reached agreement (Skills You Need, 2019). Before any negotiation takes place it is important to be prepared with knowledge of company policy, know their argument, and anticipate the other person’s argument to plan for a rebuttal. When discussing point of views be as clear as possible, and receptive to the other person’s argument to better come to an agreement. 


When both parties are receptive to the other’s point of view it can be easier to come to a decision where both parties agree. After both parties agree the last thing to work out is an action plan as to implement the agreed decision (Skills You Need, 2019). In the event that an agreement can’t be reached instead of turning a negotiation into an argument it is best, as a professional, to end the negotiation and set a later date to come back and resume the negotiation as to not irreparably damage a beneficial business relationship (Skills You Need, 2019).


Improving Your Negotiation Skills


As mentioned before negotiation is an art form that some are skilled in while others are not, yet these skills can always be developed and improved on. For those wishing to develop negotiating skills, or even improve their skills there are schools that offer negotiation training programs that reach the basics of negotiation. In any program that teaches negotiation skills you will learn to successfully execute proven negotiation tactics and how to bargain with another person ethically and successfully to gain the results you want (Negotiation Skills: Strategies for Increased Effectiveness, 2019).


Learning how to negotiate properly, and effectively, is important for life and surviving in the business world. One thing that isn’t mentioned as often as should when negotiating in the business world is how being trained in the art of negotiation also teaches how to manage ones emotions. Managing your emotions while negotiating is important when conducting business agreements. When negotiating for businesses controlling your emotions helps maintain rationality and conducting oneself professionally instead of emotionally. Speaking emotionally when conducting business negotiations can make a person unintentionally divert from professional to being irrational, unethical, and unreasonable. This is why it is best to obtain training in negotiation to succeed in coming to mutual business agreements while preventing oneself from acting emotionally, which can hinder business negotiations (Pon Staff, 2019).

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