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As a young business professional, you have to work a little extra hard to make the veterans respect you. More than that, if you want to make lasting relationships and partnerships with them, then they need to take you seriously. You may look the part and have the right work ethic, but much like everything else, appearances are everything. Your car is just as important. Not only does it need to look great but it also has to serve a practical function. Your car should do more than just get you from one location to the next. It should make running your business just a bit easier. If you’re looking for a car that is perfect for a young business professional, then read on!


  1. Honda Accord

One of the best options for a young business professional to consider is the Honda Accord 2019. Besides having all of the best features that come with the Honda name, it also has features that benefit the busy business owner in particular. In particular, the 2019 model offers wireless charging for your phone. As a business owner, you’re going to be using your phone a great deal. The last thing that you want to happen while in a conversation with an important partner is for your phone to die. With the wireless charger for your phone, you can ensure that your phone is powered up at all times. It also has a capability for a mobile hotspot. If you need to send an email out in the middle of traffic, you can rely on your Honda to get the job done. For business professionals who like to impress, then you’ll also love the heads up display that can tell you the weather, directions, and even inform you of incoming calls.

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  1. Jaguar I-Pace

Although this car comes with a steep price tag, it comes with the prestigious Jaguar name. For many young business professionals, the name alone can garner a lot of respect from their fellow veteran business owners. Besides the name, however, the I-Pace also offers its first green-based vehicle. An electric car, this vehicle can ride for 234 miles before it needs its next charge. Besides that, the Jaguar I-Pace also has incredible storage capabilities. If you’re a professional who likes to carpool or has a ton of equipment that they need to take with them to and from work, then the I-Pace won’t let you down. Finally, it also offers plenty of new technology that can streamline your driving experience.


  1. Mercedes Benz A-Class

Most young professionals work in large cities. In these tight areas, an SUV just isn’t always the best option. For those who want to ensure they can make those tight corners and parallel park with ease, then you should consider the A-Class from Mercedes Benz. Besides just offering a smaller size, it also has quite a few features that a business professional can benefit from. It has speech recognition software, functions that can be accessed through touch, and an AI that learns about your driving methods and habits and adapts accordingly. Every young professional needs their own artificial assistant right there in their own car. The A-Class provides superior luxury at an affordable price.

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