Today’s book signing went really well, and I had a great time meeting everyone.  Meeting so many people so rapidly is such a fascinating experience. There’s really nothing else like it.  I saw many friendly and interested faces, and I was able to talk to most of them, and even took a picture with a few.  It was great to see their first hand reactions as I discussed the premise of Seventh Journey.  The verbal pitch went something like…

“There’s a scientist (as I point to Jacob Cross on the book cover) who invents a headset technology that allows him to open a portal into another dimension.  There are people (or forces) in the other dimension that are now trying to get into his world, which is why there’s a conflict.  There’s a woman in the other dimension who’s also trying to help him understand what’s going on.”

I found this worked well in communicating the idea succinctly, while leaving some room for mystery.  Either way, I’m happy to announce that the event was a great success!  I sold all of the inventory at Chapters Square One.  We cleared off all the shelves, and even went on to sell some of my reserve stock!  I have to say that I’m extremely fortunate, as the folks at Chapters set me up at a perfect location.  I was right in-front of the main entrance, situated just beside the Christmas box set for 50 Shades of Grey ;).  Let’s just say, there’s always traffic around that book.  All kidding aside, the table, and location were fantastic.  I was within easy access to a plug, allowing me to setup my book trailer as well.

The event went on from 10am – 5pm, with a final announcement made through the store… “Last call for an autographed copy of Seventh Journey by Robert Graham.  He will be leaving in 30 minutes.”  And with that I packed up, yet even as the last person glanced over my book before walking on, I knew it was time… to get some dinner.  Thanks for reading, and all your support!




Robert Graham


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