Colour is involved in everything you do, touch, see, eat and drink. The vibration of each colour influences us and they have each their own vibration frequency. Each part of our body also has its own frequency; these signals interact all the time. When we feel full of life and our energy fields are high, we are balanced and automatically like most colours. But when our energy field is low and we are feeling tired, lonely, neglected, or depressed, then we are drawn to particular colours that we need to give us comfort, energy, rest, love and healing.

Colour has its own silent way of communicating but it has a very strong affect on all our emotions and physical well-being. Next time you are drawn to a particular colour ask yourself why. Look at the way you use colour and see if you need to enhance or make changes to bring into your life what you need.


White represents purity and innocence; too much of this colour tends to be very bland on its own. It is also connected with the younger generation and the freshness of youth. Whites have a positive well-balanced personality; they like to be free from too much pressure due to the outside world. They are frequently are on the move, coming up with new ideas that they are then ready to put into action.

The negative side to white is loneliness and the need to be recognized. They need to be more open-minded and communicate how they really feel. If you wear too much white or have too much in your surroundings it will be difficult to have a clear opinion, as you will keep changing your mind because there will be too many possibilities.

White in a room creates space but also inactivity; it slows the energy down and gives you a false feeling of complacency. Involve other shades like off-white or white with a hint of another colour. Related foods are garlic, potatoes, cauliflower and rice.


Black is a very secretive colour and a sign of something hidden; it is connected to unconscious thoughts and ideas. Black has the effect of hiding our true feelings and people find it hard to get close to you.

Dream Analysis

Such personalities are very strong willed, disciplined and in control, wearing a veil of mystery. They may also be inflexible and independent – look to see if you are using this colour as a defence mechanism. Underneath all that mystery you may lack confidence in yourself and your abilities. Teenagers tend to be drawn to this colour because of the mystery it represents while they are discovering their true identity.

It is a harsh colour when used by itself; with other colours it can be very smart and complementary. If you use a lot of this colour you could find yourself drawing away from those around you and becoming more withdrawn, and rooms feel smaller.

Introducing other colours will encourage you to reach out and bring more light towards you and your surroundings. This colour should not be used where people are sick, elderly, or children’s rooms, or if you suffer from anxiety.


Pink is a shade of red with white added; it is a gentler colour and represents affection, love and romance. If you wear this colour too often it shows that you need some form of protection, love or attention from those around you. It is a very warming and healing colour. It helps raise your energy when you are feeling low, bringing a sense of being wanted and cared for.

Pink is a very good colour for a children’s bedroom, bringing love and warmth into the atmosphere. Avoid in living rooms, bathrooms, the hallway, stairs and study. If you feel agitated towards others surround yourself in a pink bubble of light – the feelings will subside and be replaced with an inner understanding toward the person, thereby releasing any negative thoughts. If you are a pink person you are very affectionate and have a very loving nature that makes you sympathetic and understanding towards others.

The negative side to pink is that you may lack willpower and have a weakness to stand up for yourself in relationships. You may need extra support form others and tend to view things from a childlike attitude. There is a need to learn to accept and love yourself more and become more self-reliant; this will bring an inner security of who you are, and that love will shine towards others and so bring in positive energy.

Showering or bathing in pink heals the heart from pain and strengthens the love inside, while giving you a feeling of acceptance of who you are in the world and that you matter the bigger scheme of things.


Red is a very vibrant colour, the colour of strength, power and courage; it helps when need to cope with stress, but too much red worn over a long period will drain your energy and cause an imbalance.

Dream Analysis

If you need courage think of a red bubble of light surrounding you and this will give you the strength you need to complete your tasks, but again only use over short periods. Red’s dominant nature can also make it a difficult colour to live with and it is not best suited to the impatient or hyperactive. Sensitive people respond better to paler shades of red like pinks, or peach; romance responds well to rose coloured tints.

A deep tone of red warms the atmosphere but tends to make the room smaller. Can be used in kitchens, stairs, or hall, but generally avoid its use upstairs where something calmer is required. Red people go places but they have a tendency to rush into things instead of thinking them through and they have a compulsion to have things done now. They like to be the very best at everything they do and have the stamina to be very powerful people and the courage to make a difference in the world. Wearing a lot of red might indicate a strong importance towards sexual desires. Although very extrovert types they are easily irritated and may be prone to having a temper. They need to learn to listen to those around them and practice more patience.

Taken to the extreme they could become tyrants and bullies with no consideration for their actions towards others. Sometimes they are not consciously aware that they have these problem, instead it’s always the other persons fault for causing the problem in the first place. Red energy foods are apples, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cranberry juice and redcurrants. Showering or bathing in red gives you an extra boost of energy to get through the day. If you need a little warmth add a little to your evening bath.


Orange has a mixture of red and yellow; it is very uplifting stimulating colour and represents warm-heartedness, patience and optimism. When you are going through difficult times or suffering from a loss, this colour can help you cope giving you an inner strength to keep going.

Dream Analysis

Orange people are very motivated, independent, organized and very capable of coping with whatever comes along. They have a high-energy field but are often very competitive. On a negative level they tend to be very dominant towards others and are very restless. Darker oranges or bright orange can cause a feeling of frustration or block your energy, wearing shades of peach or apricot will direct this energy outwards in a more positive way towards others.

It is a good colour for the digestive system relaxing the inner muscle of the stomach, while helping to activate the digestive system. You could use this colour in the kitchen unless you are prone to dieting, as orange helps your appetite improve. Also the living room, hall, and stairs. Avoid in studies, bedrooms and offices. Orange foods are carrots, oranges, apricots, mangos, tangerines, cheddar cheeses and pumpkins.

Showering or bathing makes you feel happy, independent and helps you find practical solutions to old and new problems. It also lifts your spirit and gives you a feeling of inner happiness. Surround yourself in an orange bubble of light when you need uplifting or require help to deal with issues around you, and it will give you the strength and support you need.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness and is a very uplifting colour. This colour stimulates the imagination helping you feel more alert and clear headed, while promoting decision-making. It is a good colour if you have work or exams to take, focusing your attention on the tasks ahead and creating a feeling of self-confidence

Dream Analysis

Yellows have a stimulating personality; they like to be actively involved in what’s going on around them. They are lively and cope well with any challenges; they tend to work with their higher thoughts and are very good writers and poets.

The negative side to yellow is that they can be controlling and jealous and they need to learn to love themselves before they can love others. Food associated with yellow is bananas, corn, yellow peppers, lemons, grapefruit, pineapple, and cheeses.

Yellow food helps to rid toxins out of the body and clears away negative energy. Yellow is good in dining rooms, family rooms, kitchens, studies. Avoid yellow in bedrooms as it activates energy and there would be problems sleeping. Showering and bathing in this colour helps bring clarity to your thoughts and any knowledge needed to the surface. Surround yourself in a yellow bubble of light when you need extra help to study or clear your head to make choices – the answers you need to move forward will suddenly hit you.


Green represents healing, nature, harmony and balance; surrounding yourself with green brings a feeling of balance, comfort and relaxation, stabilising explosive situations. Too much green though can create stagnation.

Dream Analysis

Green people are cautious and are not inclined to trust others easily. They are the observers in life and do not like to be involved too much, a quiet life suits them best. If you wear lots of green then you are trying to create a peaceful environment separate from stress and disagreements. Green people will have a problem with settling to anything and they find making decisions difficult and are not sure what direction to take next. Try to wear pale yellow with green to help develop a more optimistic approach to life./P>

Apple blossom, water garden and apple mint are cool shades of green; darker greens like Scottish pine and deep ivy are very enriching colours. Can use in kitchens and bedrooms depending on the shade, or alternatively go for something paler. Use green to lift your spirit or to clear away headaches or any blocked energy. Green foods are apples, lettuce, green beans, peppers, cucumber, kiwi, limes, peas, and lentils or pulses. Showering or bathing in green brings an inner peace and balance, relaxes bringing peace and harmony into your energy field while relaxing your thoughts.


Blue represents peace, compassion, and protection and is very good for meditation. It can come across as cool or cold depending on the shade chosen. Blue people are very creative, sensitive and they have very good perception; they also have a good imagination and a very practical approach to life.

Dream Analysis

They can be very analytical but are good at problem solving. They love to do things in their own time and don’t like to be pushed into anything – it’s better to let them think that they came up with the decision themselves. The negative side to blue is that they can be manipulating and argumentative if they don’t get their own way. When you need protection or faith surround yourself in a blue bubble of light and you will gain an inner strength and feel protected.

Blue foods are blueberries blue plums, grapes. Showering or bathing in blue helps you feel peaceful, calms and relaxes, giving you an inner feeling of being protected. Used in a room, it gives a calming affect and is a very good colour if you have problems sleeping or suffer from stress. It makes a room look larger and gives out a feeling of freshness. Use in bedrooms, meditation rooms, and bathrooms. Avoid in dining rooms, and stairs.


Purple is a very spiritual colour and comes in many shades from pale to indigo or violet. People that want to make a statement tend to be drawn to this colour like artists, spiritual people and teachers.

Dream Analysis

Purple people are very intuitive and clairvoyant, and work for the highest good. They are very strong willed and are able to quieten their thoughts to higher meditation frequencies. Even if they do not work in the spiritual field they still create wonderful statements in the field of art or science, things that have a great affect and helps to move the world closer to unity.

The negative side to purple is the need to watch that their egos do not get out of control and they can become arrogant. They need to listen and be more sensitive to the practical things around them. Purple creates a rich space; use sparingly or go for paler shades. Don’t put in rooms where people suffer from depression or anxiety. Foods associated with purple are grapes, cabbage, aubergines, asparagus and plum juice. Showering or bathing in this colour helps purify thoughts and inspires the artistic side. It surrounds you in peace, beauty and high ideals.


Brown represents earth and helps us to feel grounded especially when we are feeling out of sorts. Browns are very good working with animals, or anything to do with the land. They are environmental and care about how society treats those less fortunate than themselves.

Dream Analysis

They tend to work behind the scenes and people don’t notice what good they do, as they like to be unselfish and do things quietly. Browns are honest and down to earth; they like a structured support to life, they appreciate the little things if life. The negative side to brown is that they tend to be secretive and bottle their emotions up. They retreat into a shell when hurt and they have a need to feel emotionally secure and be accepted by the outside world.

It is important for them to understand their own self- worth. If you feel light-headed or tend to daydream a lot, brown will help you feel more grounded and balanced. Foods associated with brown are anything that grows in the soil, potatoes, any vegetables, brown bread, pasta, beans and pulses, and pears. Showering or bathing in any pale shades like beiges and creams will help you keep grounded and secure your spirit.


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