The Ugly Truth About Your Job!
by: Oscar Bruce

If you work for yourself, the odds that you will still be in business in 1 year are only 1 in 5. In today’s workplace swirling with change, one million people will start a new business this year. The UGLY truth is that 800,000 of those will be out of business in the next year.

If you work for someone else: It is likely you won’t be with them in five years. Even major corporations lack staying power in today’s international economy. Years of experience can become obsolete overnight. In fact most will change careers (not jobs) five to seven times over the next 40 years.

Security is no longer in the job, company, or industry. The only transferable skill is your ability to express yourself persuasively and convincingly. These skills never become obsolete. Research studies prove that a strong command of the English Language is directly linked to your career advancement, your earnings, and also social success. The same studies show that in hard times those laid off first tend to be those with poor communications skills.

Michael Leaven, in his book, Guerrilla P.R., tells us that the ability to use language persuasively is arguably the most important attribute for success.

FUTURIST Rolf Jensen, director of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, says, “We are in the twilight of a society based on personal communication skills. Companies will recruit people based on how they express their ideas.”

Oscar Bruce, in his book, WINNING WORDS WINNING WAYS, asserts: “With a strong command of language you will go farther and get ahead faster”.

Give Yourself The Edge: Stack the deck in your favor professionally and socially. Give your conversation an upgrade.


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