When trying to attract and retain top talent, offering a generous salary is a good start. But when you provide your employees with excellent benefits and reward top performers with prizes, you will further attract the best of the best and show your employees that you care about their well-being. There are several benefits and prices that are better than others.


Healthcare benefits are not only required by law for companies over a certain size but are almost expected by top talent. Go beyond health care benefits by giving employees free access to a gym membership or even consider having a gym built in the office. Provide employees with a few days off that they can use to partake in a favorite outdoor activity. Some companies even offer massages, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

Paternity And Maternity Leave

For those who have kids, paid paternity and maternity leave will be a blessing. Employees should be offered the opportunity to work part-time and should also be able to take time off whenever needed. There are some companies that offer on-site kindergarten and afterschool programs.

More Flexibility

One of the perks that employees are looking for, especially millennials, is more work flexibility. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Employees can be given more control over the days and hours in which they work. Some businesses offer flex hours where employees must work a certain number of hours but can choose when these hours are. Telecommuting is another great way to provide flexibility by allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Take Everyone Out To Lunch

Take your employees out to lunch and allow them to choose the location. This is a great time to get to know your employees and talk about something other than work. Order a few drinks and arrange for transportation 

so that your employees can get home safely.

Give A Personalized Gift Such As A Book

After you have gotten to know your employees, you will be able to give gifts that are more personalized, such as a book. Books are sometimes seen as not the most exciting gift, but it can be exciting if you remember what your employee is interested in. The key is to find a book that he or she will actually read.

Help Your Employees Give Back

Find out what your team is passionate about outside the office and see if there is a way you can help. For example, if an employee is passionate about a charity or a specific cause, offer days off where your employee can volunteer for this charity. Also, consider donating money to that particular charity.

Do Something For The Kids

In order to find out which prize would be the best for an employee, you should learn as much about your employee as possible. For example, if he or she has kids, it may make sense to purchase discount Disneyland tickets that can be given out as a prize. If the kids are older, a trip to Las Vegas might be more appropriate.

Give Away Promotional Items

While it is good to spend money on your employees, there are also less expensive perks that can be given away. The promotional items that are given away to customers can also be given to employees as a way to say thank you. Anyone can use an extra t-shirt.

Go Shopping

If your team has hit an important milestone, consider taking them on a shopping trip. Take employees to the mall, give them money and tell them that they canspend it on only themselves. Being creative and thoughtful will keep your employees happy and send the message that they are more than just your staff.

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