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Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams come true. Used in the right way, creative visualization can improve our life and attract success and prosperity. It is a power that can alter our environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into our life. Creative visualization uses the power of the mind, and is the power behind every success.Creative VisualizationBy visualizing a certain event or a situation, or an object, such as a car, a house, furniture etc, we attract it into our life. It is a process that is similar to daydreaming. For some people it might look like magic, but there is no magic involved, only the natural process of the power of thoughts and natural mental laws. It is like having a genie at your disposal!

There are people who use this technique naturally in their everyday affairs, not being aware that they are using some sort of power. All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously, attracting the success they want into their life, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.

Creative Visualization and the Power of Thoughts

How does it work and why? Thoughts, if powerful enough, are accepted by our subconscious mind, which then changes our mindset accordingly, as well as our habits and actions, and this brings us into contact with new people, situations and circumstances.

Thought is a creative stuff that molds our life and attracts similar stuff into our life. Thoughts also travel from one mind to another, and if they are strong enough, they can be unconsciously picked up by people, who are in a position to help us materialize our desires and goals.

We are part of the Omnipotent Power that has created the universe, and we therefore we participate in the process of creation. Bearing this thought in mind, there is no wonder that thoughts materialize. Stop for a moment and think – You are an indivisible part of the great Universal Power! This means that your thoughts can come true! Not all thoughts of course, but those that are concentrated, well-defined, and often-repeated often.

Thought is energy, especially a concentrated thought laden with emotional energy. Thoughts change the balance of energy around us, and bring changes to the environment in accordance with them.

There is another explanation why visualization brings results. It may come as a surprise to most, but the theory of “Maya” – Illusion, which comes from the eastern philosophies, provides the explanation.

According to the Indian philosophyAdvaita- Vedanta“, which is called “Nonduality” in the West, the world is not real, but only an illusion, created by our thoughts. Since most people think and repeat the same or similar thoughts often, focusing their mind and thoughts on their current environment, they create and recreate the same sort of events or circumstances. This process preserves the same “world” and status quo. It is like watching the same film over and over again, but we can change the film by changing our thoughts and visualize different circumstances and life, and in this way create a different “reality”. For us it is a reality, though in fact it is just a dream we call “reality”.

By changing our thoughts and mental images we change our “Reality”; we change the “illusory” world we believe we live in. We are not employing magic or supernatural powers when creating and changing our life and circumstances. It is not something “Material” that we change; we only change our thoughts, which shape our world.

All this is like dreaming a very realistic dream, and then changing the dream. We are not awakening from the dream, just changing the dream.

So why not change your dreams to something more satisfying?

If you live in small apartment and need a larger one, instead of brooding about your fate and lack of money, change your thoughts and visualize and believe that you are living in a bigger apartment.

Overcoming Limited Thinking

Creative visualization can do great things, but for every person there are some areas, which he or she might find hard to change, at least in the immediate future. The power of visualization is a mighty power, but there are some limits to using it. These limits are within us, not in the power.

We often limit ourselves and cannot look beyond a limited circle. We limit ourselves by our thoughts and beliefs. The more open-minded we can be, and the more big we dare ti think, the greater are our opportunities and possibilities. Limitations are within our minds, and it is up to us to rise above them.

It may take some time until things start to change. Simple, small demonstrations of this power may come fast, but bigger results may need a longer time to happen.

The time and effort put forth in this study are really worthwhile. Have faith and patience and results will start appearing.

An Example of Creative Visualization

Years ago, before I got married, I decided to visualize having a date. I imagined myself sitting in a restaurant and talking with a girl. I concentrated on this image several times during the day, several minutes each time.

The next day, a girl working in the same place where I worked, asked me if I could come to her desk. I hardly ever spoke with her, maybe just saying good morning. I went to her desk and she asked me whether I had a girl friend. When she heard that I did not have one, she proposed to introduce me to one of her friends, and then gave me her phone number.

When I got home I called the girl, and asked her to meet me. We met on the same day in a restaurant, exactly as I visualized.

All this happened within about 24 hours. Surprising isn’t it? This power can sometimes work real fast. Oh, you are curious to know what happened with that date? Well, nothing, because she was not the type of girl I was looking for. I rather used the power of visualization haphazardly, not thinking about how I wanted her look like, about her character, etc. I just thought about meeting a girl, a wish that came true.

From Imagination to Reality – Making Creative Visualization Work

Concise Guidelines for Creative Visualization:

Define your goal.

Think, meditate and listen to your intuition to ascertain that you really desire to attain this goal.

Ascertain that only good will result from your visualization, for you and for others.

Sit alone in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Relax your body.

Breathe rhythmically and deeply several times.

Visualize a clear and detailed mental image of what you desire to get or accomplish.

Use in your imagination all the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Add desire and feelings into what your mental image.

Visualize at least twice a day, about 10 minutes each time.

persevere with your visualization, day after day, with, patience, hope and faith.

Stay positive, thinking positive thoughts, feeling positive feelings and using positive words.

During the day, when negative thoughts and doubts arise, replace them with positive thoughts. As each negative thought enters your mind, immediately substitute it with a positive thought.

Keep an open mind, so that you recognize opportunities and take advantage of them.

After concluding your visualization session, say attentively and earnestly, “Let everything happen in a harmonious and favorable way for all involved”.

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Use the power of imagination only for your and others’ good, and never try to use it to get something that belongs to others or hurt others. Make sure that what you are creating is good for all involved, and cause no harm to your environment.

Though the manifestation of your goal might sometimes happen in a sudden and expected manner, most of the time it will happen in a natural and gradual manner, one thing leading to another. If you desire money, it won’t necessarily drop on your head from the sky or you will win it in the lottery. It will more probably come through a new job, promotion, a business deal or through various other channels.

Our thoughts and feelings, and the mental images we carry in our mind, affect our life. By changing them we change our life. This means that we have to be careful with our thoughts and how we feel about them, otherwise we might get things and enter into situations that you do not want, and then we will have to find ways to get rid of them. Better think and visualize what that we really and truly want, and which will improve our life.

Approach this mental work with a positive attitude, earnestness and faith, but at the same time with some detachment, and regarding it as a sort of game or play. This attitude will prevent inner tension and disappointment, if things don’t happen as expected.


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