Excerpts from ‘Conversations With God – An Uncommon Dialogue’ by Neale Donald Walsch

‘I am’ – The Two Most Powerful Words
Your words are the creative power, commands to the universe. Your words were, ‘I want success.’ And the universe says, ‘Okay, you do.’

The word ‘I’ is the key that starts the engine of creation. The words ‘I am’ are extremely powerful. They are statements to the universe. Commands. Whatever follows the word ‘I’ tends to manifest in physical reality.

Therefore ‘I’ + ‘want success’ produces you wanting success. ‘I’ + ‘want money’ must produce you wanting money. It can produce no other thing. In this case, instead of thinking ‘I want success,’ think ‘I have success.’

The Greatest Teaching of Jesus Christ
Not that you shall have everlasting life, but that you do; not that you shall have brotherhood in God, but that you do; not that you shall have whatever you request, but that you do.

All that is required is to know this. For you are the creator of your reality. You think it into being. This is the first step in creation. God the Father is thought. Your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things.

There Was No Adam and Eve
Life evolved through a series of steps in the blink of an eye that you now call billions of years. And, in this holy instant, came you, out of the sea, the water of life, onto the land and into the form you now hold.

I created all of this in the blink of an eye; in one holy instant just as the creationists have said. And it came about through a process of evolution taking billions and billions of what you call years, just as the evolutionists claim.

Jesus Was Not The Son of God
Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are One.’ Jesus understood how to manipulate energy and matter, how to rearrange it, how to redistribute it, how to utterly control it. Many masters have known this. Many know it now.

We Are All Microcosms of God
You are My body. As your body is to your mind and soul, so, too, are you to My mind and soul. Therefore everything I experience, I experience through you.

There Is No Devil, There Is No Hell
Hell does not exist as this place you have fantasized, where you burn in some everlasting fire, or exist in some state of everlasting torment. What purpose could I have in that? There is no such thing as the devil and hell does not exist.

Yes, There is Reincarnation
You (Neale Donald Walsch) have had 647 past lives, since you insist on being exact. This is your 648th.

Everyone Has Psychic Abilities
Yes, there is such a thing as being psychic. You are that. Everyone is that. There is not a person who does not have what you call psychic ability, there are only people who do not use it.

Sex is Okay
If I didn’t want you to play certain games, I wouldn’t have given you the toys. Play with sex. It’s wonderful fun.

Is There Life On Other Planets

Have We Been Visited By Beings From Another Planet

Are We Being Observed Now By Beings From Another Planet

The Bible, Just a Book
Most of the New Testament writers never met or saw Jesus in their lives. The Bible writers were great believers and great historians. They took the stories which had been passed down to them and to their friends by others, from elder to elder, until finally a written record was made. And not everything of the Bible authors was included in the final document.

The Secret Bible
Several centuries after the original scriptures was committed to writing, a High Council of the Church determined yet one more time which doctrines and truths were to be included – in the then-official Bible – and which would be ‘unhealthy’ or ‘premature’ to reveal to the masses.

There Are No Such Things As The Ten Commandments
Who would I command? Myself? Any why would such commandments be required? Whatever I want, is. How is it therefore necessary to command anyone? No, there are no Ten Commandments but Ten Commitments – your freedoms, not your restrictions. These are my commitments, not my commandments.

Feeling Guilty is a Learned Response
You’ve been told to feel guilty about yourself for things you did before you could even do anything.

You have been taught to feel shame for being born less than perfect.

This alleged state of imperfection in which you are said to have come into this world is what your religionists have the gall to call original sin. And it is original sin – but not yours.

It is the first sin to be perpetuated upon you by a world which knows nothing of God if it thinks that God would – or could – create anything imperfect.

Even God Has a God
Even as you are the body of Me, I am the body of another. I am God, as you understand Him even as I am the child of another.


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