By Mike Ramidden

There seems to be greater interest these days in the general populous about feeding and nourishing the spiritual side of a person’s life. While not always attached to a religious organization, the idea of developing a more spiritual life is starting to take a higher priority for many people these days. Many people believe that this has to do with the widespread interest in the “Law of Attraction,” which has gain a great deal of attention in the last few years thanks to the movie, “The Secret.”

The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is that you will draw into your life the very things that will you OOOO 26give most of your attention to. When it comes to increasing a person’s spiritual life and fostering spiritual development, this would mean that the more attention you put on spiritually oriented thoughts, ideas and activities, the more you will be able to enjoy an increased level of spiritual growth.

At the same time, if you want your spiritual life to flourish, then it is best to let go of any kind of fear-based thinking. Focusing on what you fear or on other negative things will impede spiritual development and will sidetrack you from what you really want out of life.

One of the practices that many people find to be very helpful and supportive in their quest for spiritual enlightenment is meditation. Meditation techniques can be very helpful in the two main areas of the Law of Attraction, which are intention and attention.

First, you must figure out what it is that you want from life, or from a specific event. This would be identifying your intention. After you have clarified what your intention is, then you can put your energy toward focusing on that, or giving it your attention.

The more clearly you can define your intention and the more focused and consistent your attention toward it, the OOOO 27better you will be able to start manifesting your desires. Mindfulness meditation can help to clear the mind, calm it down and focus thoughts, allowing the development of clearer intentions. When the mind is calmer and not distracted by a myriad of cluttered thoughts, attention can better be focused as well.

Enjoying a rich spiritual life comes down to how we choose to spend out time, energy, talents and focus while in this mortal existence. The choice always exists of whether you want to live in a fear-based world or in a love-based world. What people on a spiritual path come to realize, after investing their time, prayers, meditations and focus, is that the world you ultimately experience has more to do with what you consciously choose to think about and focus your attention on.

Those who have been actively and eagerly engaged in developing their spiritual life will also be the first to say that the spiritual journey of each person will be quite different. Because all people begin at different stages in life and circumstances, even when the goal is exactly the same, the experiences that a person will have along the way will be unique to each individual.

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