Thought Process Development


3162-vector-subconscious-thought-processes-1Everything you do and what you think of yourself depends upon your thoughts. The reason some people are successful is that they have mastered their thought process.

Many things are involved in the thought process, positive and negative thoughts, beliefs, doubts, decisions, indecision’s, determination or lack of it, evaluation or not, and whether or not you give up easily. This depends upon how much it bothers you. People with high self confidence are not stressed nearly as much as those with little confidence. Confidence has to do with knowledge and working with what comes naturally to you.

There is a point of no return when you wrack your brain about how to solve problems. You can spend much time looking for an answer when there is none. This is where evaluation comes in. If you believe there is an answer, put it on the back burner of your mind and let it cook for a few days. The subconscious part of your mind can give you the solution.

The subconscious is a marvelous resource. It can supply answers that the conscious mind cannot. The problem is that most people do not know how to make use of it. You are giving instructions to the subconscious with every thought and emotion you have. This part of the mind does not evaluate anything. It simply obeys whatever it receives. If it receives positive emotions, it produces positive results. If it receives negative emotions, it produces negative results. This is why you must control your thoughts and emotions. If your conscious mind is thinking about doing something positive but has doubts about it, the subconscious will interrupt it negatively and will bring negative results.

Cerebro-chicoThe subconscious normally goes about taking care of your body. It you hit your finger with a hammer, it will begin to heal it. The same goes for a cold or any other sickness. It controls your breathing, the beat of your heart and whatever that you do without thinking. It learns the routines of your work so you do it automatically. If you have been trained in typing, you do not have to think about where the keys are, your subconscious guides your fingers to the right ones.

This part of the brain normally goes about creating harmony and healing. If you have negative emotions, doubts, nervous apprehension, hatred, disgust, feelings of hopelessness, or imagination that you have a disease, it will obey your emotions and bring what you are thinking about. You can literally cause your own failure in your work and sickness of your body by misdirecting your subconscious in this manner.

Managing your thought process involves controlling your conscious thought to give the proper instructions to your subconscious. It is believing that you are healthy and successful with love for others, so that the subconscious will bring that about. It is suppressing negative thoughts and emotions. Think about what is right in your life instead of what is wrong. This is the way to cooperate with your subconscious.

Thought_Process_by_CazacanYou may say that you cannot suppress your negative thoughts. It can be done with practice. I worked with a man that woke up with one side of his face temporally paralyzed. His doctor knew that he got upset about the smallest thing and believed this may have brought this on. He told him that if he wanted to live a long life he would have to stop letting things bother him. I can testify that his life changed dramatically. He became a delight to work with and seldom got upset with anything.

Inventors have received the answer to their questions about their invention by asking the subconscious for help. Problems with marriages, poor health, success in business, and many other things have been supplied by managing the thought process and co-operating correctly with the subconscious. Some believe that diseases are cause by interfering with the workings of this part of the brain with constant negative thoughts and worries of despair.

If you have specific instruction for your subconscious such as asking for help with finding a lost item, having better health or finding success, wait until you are completely relaxed and sleepy. Negative thoughts are usually not prevalent then. Repeat phrases or sentences over several times that describe what you desire before you drift off to sleep. You may need to do it for several nights.

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