Self-Growth is at the core of being a human being. As we age not only do we undergo physical changes we also grow in maturity. Sadly many people limit their potential by settling for far less than they are capable of being. They allow outside forces and internal limitations, which they place on themselves, define them. Taking charge of the direction of ones life has many benefits.

Gloria was always tired. She felt consumed by responsibilities for her elderly parents and overwhelmed by the disorganization of her home and her lack of energy. Looking at how she spent her time revealed that considerable time went into hanging out on the computer and watching TV. She explained that she was too exhausted to do anything elimages (9)se. In order to create more energy for herself Gloria needed an action plan.

1. So What Do I Want?

That is a question Gloria had stopped asking a long time ago. She saw herself at the mercy of her parents and her tired body. At first when she asked herself the question she came up with a total blank. Gradually she gave herself permission to think about her needs she came up with several ideas.

2. Energy comes from taking action

A first step for Gloria was to get up at a set time in the morning. First she did it for one day. She was pleased with herself that she did it and then decided to do it for a week except Sunday mornings. Again she honored her commitment to herself and accomplished her goal. It really did not matter so much what she did, the key was that she held herself accountable to taking the action.

3. Energy creates more energy

Gloria found that as she had more energy she began to do other things that mattered to her. She realized that before she had kept waiting for the day when she would wake up feeling more energetic. The energy burst came after she started taking action. The act of doing created the longed for energy.

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