Seventh Journey Book 1 is now on NOOK Tablets & Readers, along side other popular readers such as Kindle & Kobo.  Book 1 is also available through GooglePlay, meaning it’s accessible for all Android devices.  NOOK books and e-readers are extremely popular in the United States, being the primary device backed by industry giant Barnes & Noble.  According to estimates by Forrester Research, about 5 million units have been sold as of mid October 2012, making the Nook the third-best-selling tablet after Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.[1]

The newer models of the NOOK have over 16GB capacity, and run the latest operating systems and software.  In addition to the stock software coming from Barnes & Noble, you can also perform a process called “rooting” and install alternative operating systems as well.  At the end of the day, it will still allow you to read your books, listen to music, or watch movies… but for those who know the advantages of rooting, it’s a cool feature to have on your device.  If you haven’t already, pick up a Nook tablet yourself, and read Seventh Journey Book 1, only $3.43 today!

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