To become a professional of SPSS Predictive Analytic Sales Mastery you have to pass the 000-M229 exam. This is the most popular exam in the IBM certification. This IBM certification is helping people to reflect their talent for better career and helping the employers professionally.

What is 000-M229 EXAM?

This test consists of the 45 question, which have to complete in the 90 minutes. The passing score for this certification is 62 percent. It’s looking easy but yo oou cannot imagine succeeding in this exam without proper preparation.

The five sections of 000-M229 EXAM

1. Modeler section

This is the main section of the exam, as it covers about 40 percent of the exam. In this section you have to prepare the characteristics of SPSS in detail and their advantages. This also gives the insight into the identification of the sales opportunities.

2. Decision Management section

About 20 percent of the questions consist of this section. It is not the main section but it is of the equal importance because it is real test of you SPSS decision management skills. In this you have to develop your knowledge in the field of factor affecting the sales opportunities.

3. Data Collection section

As the name is suggesting, this section is related to the collection of the data and its manipulating. This section covers total 18 percent of the exam.

4. Deployment and collaboration services section

This section deals with the development of the SPSS system and the detailed review of the collaboration services. It covers 14 percent of the questions in the exam. This is small section for examination point of view but it has the entire necessary things hidden behind this. Do not prepare this section by keeping in mind how much it is important for passing the exam but consider its importance for your professional life. Do not ignore any of the detail in it, if you will do then you must have to accept the consequences in your future.

5. Statistics section

It is the last section which covers only 8 percent of the questions in the real examination. Because it contains the less percentage of the exam therefore mostly students do not take the extra intention towards this section. They are surely wrong side of tohe river, as this section is important to the professional life.

Before taking the test it is recommended to check your ID to the company’s profile. This act will allow you to see your result soon, online. Add email very there, they have a system of E-mail the results to you.

For the test preparation you must fallow the IBM guide line, which tells you to take a deep insight into the online courses. These courses are available at their website or you can get them easily, as different authenticated sites are providing these services at very cheap rate. These tactics can develop appropriate test taking skills in you and you will come out with a sure success. If you have already enrolled you in the exam do not then waste any time, get into the preparation.

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