How to Download iPad iBooks – Free Unlimited Access
by: Martha Reuben

The iBooks app is Apple’s e- book reader designed for the use of buying or downloading iBooks from their iBookstore to your ipad. The iPad’s iBooks application supports the standard ePub format as well as books you purchase through the iBookstore.

This means that you can use the huge library of free ipad books available from Project Gutenberg & Google Books, or you can purchase e-books from stores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can download the iBooks app for free from the App Store on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. iBooks includes the iBookstore and an iTunes Store account is required to download from the iBookstore.

To download ipad books, follow the steps below:

Buy a book online and save it to your PC or Mac.

If the book is not in an ePub format but in some other ebook format like .lit or even .pdf, convert it to ePub using free converters (like Calibre).

Open iTunes and add it to your library. The book will now show up under the “Books” section of your library.

Connect your iPad to your computer.

When the iPad shows up on your iTunes library, click on its books section, and select the sync button. The iPad will now sync with your iTunes library and books in your iTunes library will transfer to your iPad library you have the option to sync all books, or sync selected books. When you buy a book it automatically appears on your iBooks bookshelf.

Now my major problem with iBooks is that you can pay up to $14 dollars to acquire one ebook. Whether you are a voracious reader or not it can get pretty costly especially since the iBookstore will often bring up only for-pay versions of many books.

Instead of paying for each and every title you can join a membership site. myPadMedia is the internet’s latest eBook downloading service. For a one time fee of $49.95 you can download thousands of ipad ebooks including bestsellers and textbooks, newspapers and comics legally and safely.

myPadMedia grants you access to the fastest iPad downloads on the net. Members have unlimited access without restrictions,to free novels, comics, newspaper and more. They provide free 24 hour Technical Support, no monthly or “Pay Per Download” fees and a huge Media Selection.

$49.95 works out to just 0.2 cents per ibook download…but you’ll get more & more value as my pad media library is ever growing and new titles are added regularly…..I would consider My Pad Media as ‘FREE’ rather…compare 0.2 cents Vs $14.99).


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