Earn Money From Your Hobby
by: Lynne Saarte

Do you have a hobby? Do you enjoy taking pictures? If you do, why not consider earning from this hobby? If you have the right equipment i.e. digital camera and tripod then you are on your way to making a few hundred dollars. As you may well know, the trick here is to have an eye for something that is aesthetically pleasing and unique. But how do you earn money from this?

Well, you can turn your hobby into a money making activity by selling your photographs to brochure printing companies for example, or layout artists or just about anybody who are engaged in the advertising industry.

How do you penetrate the art market? In order to get people attention and eventually sell your photography, you have to be recognized in the field. Here is an exercise to consider. Choose a style and subject matter that you love, and are comfortable doing. Narrow it down from general to specific. Humans? Too general. Young kids? Too broad. Babies? You can still narrow it down. Babies in interesting setting and poses or in costumes?

Then you have someone like Anne Geddes, the Australian born New Zealand photographer of cute and cuddly images of babies in interest setting and poses. Her focus on a particular subject made her famous and her works are published and reproduced throughout the world on books, print posters, cards and much more. She created a niche for herself and became a symbol for baby photography.

The advice that most seasoned photographers would give you is to try to create a niche for yourself. Focus on something unique and make yourself the expert in this field. I mean, you do not just focus your camera to get a good shot; you also have to focus on a particular material to create a niche for yourself. Think about Anne Geddes and her cute little babies.

The idea is to force yourself to choose something and decide to stay with it long enough to be recognized. Do not get this wrong; you do not have to stay with a particular brand of art forever, just linger long enough to build up a reputation for yourself. Once you have been recognized in a particular field, it would be easier for you to move on to more challenging things and still earn from this.

The decision is up to you. There are subjects upon subjects for your photographs. Just remember that you have to stick with it. Make your own brand of inspirational, funny or active photos for print brochures, flyers, or posters.


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