In this article, you will get three easy tricks to gaining confidence. If you need to boost your standing, any of these will definitely make things better for you.

Confidence is vital to succeed in life. If you do something, you must be confident in order to achieve your best possible results. Confidence alone isnn not enough to win in life of course – you also need to have skills to back up your confidence. But confidence is a necessary ingredient, it’s the fundament upon which to build your skills and achieve true mastery.

The first of our easy tricks to gaining confidence is: pretend. I’m serious. Just pretend that you are confident. Act as if. Walk like you’re confident. Talk like you’re confident. Stand like you’re confident. Breathe like you’re confident. And think like you’re confident.

If you don’t know how to do that, there’s a simple remedy: go and get your hands on a couple of DVDs. Pick a couple of movies where there are really charismatic characters. And then watch those movies and look for scenes where they demonstrate a behavior that you would identify as “confident”. And then just “copy” them. In the world of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) this is called modeling. In fact, copy their exact lines, their body language – everything, as precisely as you can. You will see that you can’t help but actually feel confident if you pour enough hear into it.

The second easy trick to gaining confidence is to see the big picture. I mean, imagine for a moment that you move out of your body and travel through time, a couple of decades into the future until you reach the day you die. And then, you look back into your life and think of the current challenge you are facing. Will it really have mattered that much? Should this really have been enough to make you tremble and shake your confidence? Most challenges and problems we face are really nothing to fret about – they are manageable and of minor significance. So just take it easy and go for it.

And finally, use hypnosis to to gain confidence. You can just listen to a hypnotic recording on a regular basis, for example when you go to sleep and it will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind in more positive ways. Confidence will automatically emerge from repeatedly listening to confidence hypnosis, and it will destroy your self-doubts.

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