When studying Eckankar astral projection, it is essential to start at the beginning. Paul Twitchell, the originator of Eckankar, had his first out-of-body experience at age five. Without a doubt, that weighed heavily in influencing him for later choices. He was sick with a respiratory disease, and near death when his sister, who had studied asaral projection, came to him in the astral form, pulled him out of his body, healed him, and returned him back into his physical body.

Later, he doubted the teachings of the church of his parents and grandparents. What if there is no resurrection of the dead, he wondered. What if when I die, I rot in the grave forever? He was starting on a journey away from Christianity.

Much of the appeal of astral projection is sinister and selfishly motivated. They say you will be able to travel to other locations, and see other people without them seeing you. That voyeurism aspect has lured and trapped many. You will be able to affect other people’s dreams and actions. Astral projection will teach you how to gain information about yourself and others, and teach you how to access the akashic records. It is believed that the book of God’s Remembrancet contains everything a person has ever done. Astral projection will even teach you how to heal yourself, and others through creative visualization.

Many who have gone into astaral projection have used it entirely for selfish reasons. One story recounts two people who had a grudge against another. They went into the astral projection mind-set, and through creative visualization saw him being sawed in two. That person experienced a horrendous nightmare.

However, Eckankar does not promote astral projection to be used in that fashion.

The present day Eckankar movement does not even call the out-of-the-body event astral projection. Rather, it is called soul travel. Perhaps that is to distance themselves from the negative aspects noted earlier.

In Paul Twitchell’s book, The Tiger’s Fang, he talks about one of his out-of-body experiences, in which he was led about by his spirit guide. He saw brilliant flashing colors, and bright lights, and heard a humming sound that pervaded his whole being. He felt like he was in the presence of God.

One reason Eckankar promotes astral projection is for their followers to experience spiritual freedom in this lifetime, in the here and now. They seek an experience — a vision — like Paul Twitchell, to see things, but not with their physical eyes, and hear things, but not with their physical ears. This is the spiritual freedom they are looking for, and the height of spiritual experience.

Another reason they promote astral projection is to be able to read the akashic record and learn from the mistakes of past lives. They believe that if they can correct those mistakes, they won’t have to be reincarnated again.


“Seventh Journey” A Book Series About Astral Projection Experiences

Jacob Cross is a scientist that creates a technology that instantly allows him to achieve instant Astral Projection, along with telepathy, remote viewing, and other paranormal powers.  The series borrows from researched real life astral project experiences, and paints a vivid descriptions of other dimensions.

Before fully understanding what Jacob had achieved, the technology was stolen and misused, accidentally releasing a demonic and destructive force called “Luzige.”  Now Jacob must come to terms with what he’s become, and use the technology to stop Luzige before it’s too late.

Seventh Journey Book I, revolves around Jacob’s initial Astral Projections, and Lucid Dreams.  It also introduces the antagonist, Edward Aidan, a ruthless leader within the Netex Corporation, who financed all of Jacob’s research.  Aidan also begins to use the technology Jacob invented, and begins having several astral experiences of his own, although much more negative in nature.

Book I has received great feedback from readers, and critics alike, winning an Editor’s choice award from iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin books.  Seventh Journey was also featured in a Readers Choice feature for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Book II focuses on a different timeline, based on the same characters and events which unfolded for Jacob Cross in Book I.  Book II moves forward into the future, and explores a dimension already ravaged by Luzige.  This is where the series really focuses on exploring several aspects of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Energy work, and other psychic phenomenon.  Here Jacob’s journey comes to a critical point in the story, forcing him deeper into the Astral dimension.

If you’re interested in Astral Projection, and the vivid experiences and concepts which have been brought back, then you might be interested in picking up a copy.


Robert JR Graham

Author of “Seventh Journey”

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