2010-04-06 17:38

Song Yoo-geun, 8, wants to build flying cars, defying Newton`s law of gravity, and the physics genius which has made him Korea`s youngest university student may very well drive him to that dream.

Amid scholastic achievements that have confounded experts, the public spotlight is squarely on the child prodigy and his parents, both 46 and both former teachers. What has made Yoo-geun – born late November 1997 and actually just shy of 8 years old – so special?

His parents differ from the vast majority of Korean parents who show a passion approaching zeal for their children`s education.

“No fixed daily routines for our boy,” said Yoo-geun`s parents. “Yoo-geun has a monthly schedule only. Rather than being confined by a rigid timetable, Yoo-geun has the freedom to explore every field he wants to.”

While other children his age are first graders at elementary school, he is a freshman at the Physics Department of Inha University in Incheon, west of Seoul.


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