How You can Efficiently use Energy in Mobile Homes?

Mostly people likejj to live in mobile homes due to different reasons. Some people make their temporary living place permanent. When you are living in mobile homes then you should reduce your electric consumption. When you live in mobile homes especially in summer season from June to September, they get more heat up than routine days. In mobile homes, ventilation system is not proper. If we compare mobile homes with regular home, then in regular homes for cross ventilation large attics are present.

For reducing heat penetration in regular home vents are used along with attics. There is a space between roof and ceiling which makes the home cool but it is not possible in mobile homes. For making mobile homes cool you need a strong air conditioning system. For reducing the energy consumption in mobile homes you should use cool roof coating on your roof.

But cool roof coating has one problem, it is not water proof. If you want to make your mobile homes cool, repaint your roof it will helps you a lot. Use roof cavity that is connected with the walls or roof top of mobile homes. It makes your home cool and also reduces the consumption of energy.

Use of air conditioning system during hot season affects yourjjj electric bill a lot. So you need air condition system which has lower energy consumption but has good results. For this purpose examine your air conditioning system once in a week and check the sealing of air duct. In mobile home air duct is present under the home. Your air duct must be placed few inches above the ground with skirt for protecting them from dust during bad weather.

Properly sealed the air duct by sealing mobile home windows, door and other places of through which dust can entered. Another way of saving energy in mobile home is by placing them under shade. Shade prevents the direct heat exposure and reduces the working of air conditioner.

Another thing which consumes energy a lot after air conditioning system is water heaters. They consume 14% of energy because of its high voltage. In mobile home we place water heater outside the home which takes more time and energy for heating the water. If you think you can cover the water heater but you can’t do this for safety purposes. Use insulation jacket for keeping your water heater warm and it will not allow the outside air to enter in the tank.
You can use thermostat for measuring the energy consumption. If water consumption is less, heat your water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise heat your water at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place your mobile home under some shade or shutters for keeping the heat away from home. For cross ventilation, keep your doors and windows open during day time. In winter, close your doors for keeping the cool air away. Drapes and shutters should be select proper because they play an important role in keeping your mobile home cool.

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