By Yves Verheyen

You are what you read and think. Given that all readers are concerned about their health and their aging, each of us should gain insight into his or hers own health, and learn about sound balanced solutions for self-improvement.

Wellness or wellbeing?

Wellness from a holistic perspective goes beyond just your physical self because it considers the wellbeing of your whole you. It includes thus your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

A discourse on healthy living should be easy to read with many useful tips along the way. The take home message being that healthy living doesn’t have to be difficult. The advices presented should be the blue print of anti-aging. Of course it has all been thought off, said, invented, written and also forgotten, probably even more than once, before. Still is there a meaningful contribution to make and to show that everyone can make important improvements.


Act for change!

How to successfully change and avoid the plagues that more than 200 million Americans are confronted with and costs U.S. health care and businesses more than $2 trillion annually in absenteeism, lost productivity, and medical expenses. We advise people to make efforts to think and act towards life enhancement. We want to learn them about food for the mind, vitamins, vitality, weight loss, eating healthy with healthy food and healthy recipes, healthy aging and about the missing links for a true healthy life till and over 100.

Be yourself! Be open to and for change. Having a positive attitude and creating positive daily habits will bring you closer to your objectives.

The 4th and 5th can still be bright.

A thought about approach can boost life expectancy, with 5, 10 or more years, of individuals, but also of the population in general. If the bases are laid out correctly the 4th age can be bright, fun and that enjoying the 5th will be at reach for many soon. Gradual self improvement will lead to true happiness.

We want to make one understand that there is always a new path which leads them to a never expected bright future. There are no limits to our wellbeing if only we are open-minded and believe in it.

The conscious public including families, students, food and beverage corporations, the health and wellness industry can acquire available must-have inspiring information. Find all today available needed steps which will guide you towards a healthy and successful long life. Happiness guaranteed.

More on healthy thinking, living and aging in our EBook: “EnjoyVity, Your full spectrum of life!” at the enjoyvity website as in the “secrets”-section there.

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