Experience Oneness: The White Sun Contemplation
by: Marcus Knudsen

We often hear spiritual teachers say things like “Everyone is God”, “God is everything” or similar statements. This may be the reality for him or her, but most people have not experienced an enlightened state to have the direct experience of this reality, so it remains an intellectual understanding.

This contemplation exercise may help you get some more personal experience of “oneness”, and start a process in you that leads to a deeper understanding based on something you feel in your heart instead of some teaching you just memorized. The best way to do this contemplation is to first read it through one or a couple of times and then go and relax somewhere, sit or lie down and picture it in your mind while letting go and relaxing. Don’t focus on how to relax or how relaxed you are, just feel free to not having to bother about even that.

The white sun (sun of all suns)

Imagine you are outside your body in space, just floating. But it’s completely empty from stars. The only thing you see is a white sun. It looks about as big as our moon from where you are. This white sun has a large ring around it. Like the rings of Saturn but just one thin white ring, about 50 times wider than the white sun itself.

Sun Pillar
Sun Pillar (Photo credit: Axiraa)

You hear a very gentle wind-like sound. It seems to be coming from within you. You notice your thoughts and mind are not there anymore. There is no perception of how long this experience has lasted. You find that your sense of time is gone. It seems like it has always been like this. The gentle wind-like sound seems to have emerged from your inner stillness. Like it replaced your mind, thoughts and awareness of time. There is just the sound and the white sun.

This white sun is the source. The source of everything. It’s light is God. It’s light created everything and everyone. It created you and this means you are made from this eternal light. One infinitely small drop of this source is you. Your soul. Since you are part of this light, you are also the same as God. Because this light is the only thing that really exists, there isn’t any “you”. There is ONLY god. In everyone and everything. You just let yourself soak in the light of this white sun and in the experience of nothingness. Every attempt to describe this source is actually failed, because it is the absolute zero. As soon as one word is uttered to describe this source, absolute zero or god, the attempt has already failed, because this is taking a step away from it.

No future or past. No thought. No mind.

This is the source you carry within you, every second of your life. You can spend some time visualizing this white light and inner sound and the feeling of oneness will build up within you. You can go within any time. Just call up the inner image, the inner experience of the white sun. Any time of day, in any situation. Try doing this, then look at a leaf, a bird, flower or anything and just feel that you are the same. You are from the same source. You are the same light. Look in to someone’s eyes. This is not another person. The person is just a shell. You are the same. Deep within, you are the white sun, the source, god, the one who was never born. The inner eternal stillness in which everything is the same way it has been for eternity.

Sun Pillar
Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

Unconditional love is what we feel when we are connected to god. A feeling that can not really be described. If this starts to grow in you, you will know that it is working.

The contemplation exercise is based on an experience I had. It lasted for a few seconds but gave knowledge of a lifetime. This contemplation is my attempt to help others get true experience of oneness.

You can try it too. You can have a “command phrase” for yourself that triggers “the white sun experience” in your every day life. You can do this in silence, or you can use some relaxing sounds or music.

OK, that’s it. And this is why I often say to myself: “Nothing really happens….”

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