Hey guys, man my life has been hectic for 2 weeks! My brother and sister came down from Canada and visited me and my parents in Mexico and at the perfect time too, easter vacations! 2 weeks of everyone (every girl) off on vacations meant pure partying for 2 weeks hahahaha. Oh the shinanigans that went down, that I wish I could include in this article, but I simply can’t… I have been writing this article for about 3 weeks and I think you’ll all appreciate what I’ve got to say here. Be warned, it is a MASSIVE tl:dr but if you can bare with me and get through it all, I can guarantee you’ll be a better Gladiator Beast player because of it.


Since the start of the format, Gladiator Beasts have had an incredibly bad reputation. They were deemed unplayable since they have had an incredibly rough matchup versus Six Samurai. Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En was an absolute dreamcrusher for Gladiator Beasts. He immediately required two answers to a monster that did not actually destroy or he would simply mitigate his destruction to another Six Samurai

The first Japanese volume from Yu-Gi-Oh! relea...
The first Japanese volume from Yu-Gi-Oh! released by Shueisha on March 4, 1997. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

monster or negate it with Magatama Musakani. Regardless of Gladiator Beasts’ excellent Gravekeeper, Plant and X-Saber matchups, the deck’s bad matchup was nearly unwinnable. Almost all hope was lost when Sean Coovert won the first YCS of the format with Six Samurai maining Royal Oppression. Gladiator Beasts were left to die.

However, some new hope for Gladiator Beasts existed in EVXC. Gladiator Beasts were promised some exclusive support in EXVC and when Essedarii was semi-spoiled a month ago on the main site, we were all wondering what he would do and more importantly how strong he was. The text lead anyone with eyes to believe that he was generic any 2 Gladiator Beasts, meaning that they had to be very careful how they designed Essedarii since he was already 1 step away from being broken.

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