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I am not sure exactly how old I was when I realized that my dreams were more real than most people have. They were lucid dreams – sometimes so real that even now some of them seem a part of my real life experience and memories.

With that kind of inner life, I soon discovered that there was an event called astral travel. And that sometimes I would have waking dreams where I left my body and explored other worlds and events. But I didn’t know why I had these out of the body experiences nor how to make them happen on a regular basis. That is why I sought a way of mastering astral projection.

I decided I would put up this website because I did find a way of mastering astral projection, an astral projection guide that I wanted you to know about as well.

But perhaps I should first give a definition of what astral travel or out of body travel actually is. It is to take an astral voyage – to have your awareness leave your body and go anywhere you want it to. In the case of astral projection, one is totally aware and can fully control what one does. You will have experiences that are similar to what happens in dreams – but you are fully awake.

It may seem like a miracle to unleash such hidden power, but with training I believe that anyone can learn how to astral project. One trick is to maintain your awareness while allowing your physical body to fall asleep. But often it is spontaneous astral projection that one first encounters.

And these dream-like experiences have been going on for thousands of years. Tibetan Buddhists practice astral travel. And when the famous ancient Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, heard the music of the heavens, he was thought to be having an out of the body experience.

If you have had unexpected waking dreams, you have been astral traveling. And if you want more of these kind of events in your life, rest assured that you can learn the art of mastering astral projection.


It is important to find a good mastering astral projection guide, if you want to learn how to leave your body on your own schedule.

Perhaps, you dreams have become lucid ones – where you become aware that you are dreaming and have even begun to create events within your dreams. You are not too far from learning how to astral travel – to leave your body and roam new worlds.

What should you look for in a good mastering astral projection guide? The author should be very well versed in the ability of astral traveling. The author, Abhishek Agarwal, of Astral Projection Underground has had, over many years, hundreds of out of body experiences.

It is after reading Mr. Agarwal’s guide that I went from accidentally having OBE events to controlling my astral body.

I learned the value of getting a good night’s sleep before I tried to astral project. I learned about relaxing my body and silencing my mind. And did you know that there are many different astral projection techniques?

You may have heard about Robert Bruce’s Rope Technique or The Vibrations Technique by Robert Monroe. These are just a few of the visualization techniques you will discover in “Astral Projection Underground.” And there are non-visualization techniques that will aid you in your quest to achieve consistent astral voyages.

And while the physical disciplines I learned from Mr. Agarwal’s guide were invaluable. Of equal worth were the insights I gained about what I could do with astral travel. Self knowledge and an understanding of what my life is about can be aided through adventures in the astral worlds…

I learned about traveling through walls and to other parts of the physical world. I learned about the entities, both human and otherwise, I might meet in the astral plane. I found out that I could play once more with a favorite dog that had passed on (and I did). I even learned how to seek out the joys of astral sex…

The benefits from mastering astral projection are many. I am calmer and less angry. My fears have diminished. I listen more to what people are saying and what life around me is saying…

If you have a desire to witness other realities, visit with the departed, increase your psychic abilities and just have some fun, learning astral projection techniques for the first time or gaining control over your random out of body experiences is the way to go.

Astral Projection Underground” has 350 pages of detailed information about lucid dreaming and astral projection. I have alluded, here, to just a tiny bit of the knowledge contained within Mr. Agarwal’s guide. There is so much of use you can learn from his guide… if you want to have more excitement and a richer spiritual life then mastering astral projection is for you. I encourage you to go right now to his website by clicking here: Astral Projection Underground.


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