Can any one believe that the true shapers of our lives are our beliefs which not only control our lives but create or destroy them? Certain events occur in our lives on which we do not have control bec 19aause they are part of our destiny. For example it is our destiny that we are born in a particular family or country.

What exactly is belief? It is only just a thought or an idea where feeling of sureness is associated. This feeling of sureness comes from our past experiences or references which make a distinction between idea and belief. This certainty comes from the knowledge which has access to the answers. These experiences and references act like foundation and can bring change to all kind of possibilities.

Experiences and references are foundations to our beliefs. If we have enough reference experiences then we easily develop the belief. If they are backed up by our own experience then we start treating them as reality. Some of these beliefs come through imagination but as these beliefs lack reference experiences, we may not feel that strong to these beliefs. Depending upon how we adopt, these beliefs leave positive and negative impact on our lives.

These beliefs have power to keep away pain or bring more pain because holdings these beliefs are not important but its interpretation is more important. We have to adopt methodology to interpret them. Interpreting these beliefs involves close observation of whether beliefs allow us to use our best of our energy or they weaken us from within. Since they are based on past experiences, there are some limitations in using them to make further decisions. Hence it is quite possible that we may treat these beliefs as reality. If this happens our life might lead to stagnation as they may not allow using our virtues to its fullest.

Every event that we pass through offers unique experience. Generalizing beliefs is nothing but asking our conscious mind to hand over the control to our sub-conscious mind where all actions done repeatedly are controlled. We tend to make generalization about what we learn from these experiences. These generalized beliefs though simplify our lives, our decisions making power becomes defective and faulty. They are prone to go wrong and if this happens then the experience becomes agonizing. So we have to check our beliefs and have to avoid making gener19alization because they carry emotions like happiness and sorrow.

Beliefs are classified into three categories depending upon the emotional force attached like opinions or views, beliefs and convictions. View is something we feel sure about where surety is for a brief period because it can be easily changed. Beliefs carry more certainty as we are emotionally close and have strong references foundation. Sense of certainty is more in belief. Conviction doesn’t carry confidence but it carries high degree of commitment, dedication and passion to the idea. Holding conviction is sometimes dangerous as we do not look at the likelihood of inaccuracy. Such rigidity ultimately put us to long term failure. But the positive side of the conviction is they empower us to work passionately towards our goal. If one has to create mastery into any area of work, we have to boost belief to the level of conviction.

If I have to create convictions then there are five steps we should follow.

1) Create the basic belief.
2) Reinforce the belief with new and more powerful reference.
3) Find a bigger event or create one.
4) Ask question to bring about emotional intensity.
5) Take action which will strengthen our commitment and dedication to the level of conviction.

Let us look at them through the third eye. Beliefs are like co-travelers in our lives. Let them be part of our lives but let us not hold them to simplify our lives. Once they enrich our lives let us release them from our consciousness or help people with empowering thoughts to create their lives.

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