follow your dreamsI have a rainbow necklace that says “Follow Your Dreams“. I used to wear it to work to let myself know that I was not where I wanted to be career wise and that I needed to make sure I stayed true to myself. I did not realize it at the time but now I see that a lot of people are letting themselves down. When we were younger we had dreams and the world was full of possibilities but then as we got older we started limiting what was possible for us. I wonder why we did this and what was the criteria we used to make this decision. Was it so we would not be disappointed or because it was safe or because our lives were “good enough”? I wonder how many people are really living their dreams.

Dream girl
Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It is not alright to let yourself down or settle. It is probably the worst thing you can do because it breaks your spirit. It might sound strange but it is that magical child within all of us that is a natural creator. Do you remember using your imagination? Everything was possible back then because we saw things not as they are be as we wanted them to be. We have powerful minds so why not use them to create what we want instead of focusing on what we do not want. This process can be fun. Get a pen and some paper and become that magical child again by allowing yourself to dream. Do not keep your dreams in your mind, go ahead and write them down because that makes them tangible. Remember to keep the process fun by writing a story, song or a poem and not a list of goals. Truly be the author of your life story.

Another tool that will allow us to stay true to ourselves is to have a dream partner that holds us accountable to attain what we say we what to do. I know some people are afraid to tell others their dreams. It makes us feel kind of vulnerable because it would be really painful if others knew we did not accomplish what was really important to us. Well, that is exactly why we all need to tell others our dreams so that we have to accomplish them to avoid that pain. It keeps us motivated and committed. Also having a caring person to be accountable to can help us by giving us ideas of how to break down our dream into manageable parts. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So step out of your comfort zone and start living with passion by following your dreams.

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