Securing information technology systems isn’t as simple as many people think. The ongoing digital revolution has brought about millions of cyber vulnerabilities that seem to evolve as technology and science advance. Nonetheless, IT experts are working tirelessly to develop solutions to address new forms of cyber threats. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that entities are using to protect their IT systems against hackers. Below are reasons every business needs to integrate artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity systems.


Automatic Attacks Detection

IT experts in multinational companies and large corporations need to be on premises at all times to protect and safeguard their systems and servers from intruders. However, these are human beings, so they can’t detect potential attacks immediately and address them on the spot before damages ensue. With artificial intelligence technologies in place, IT professionals can rest assured that all their IT infrastructure can detect potential threats and address them head-on. Of course, like any other system, AI-powered systems are only as effective as the technicians operating them. Combination of AI technologies with the intelligence of outsourced IT experts can make your cybersecurity system more reliable and robust and enable it to preempt attacks before they occur. Cyber threats managed detection and response services need to be efficient and quick to protect your IT systems adequately. The fact that AI can automate all your cybersecurity processes and systems can help lower the cost of protecting and safeguarding IT systems and sensitive data from breaches.


Robust Protection against Sophisticated Attackers

Over time, anything connected to the internet has become a target for hackers. In fact, attackers are infiltrating even government agencies and large corporations that have the tightest security systems. However, enterprises can mitigate and prevent all these cyber threats with AI equipped infrastructure. In fact, a lot of AI-powered cybersecurity systems promise to detect any intrusions, facilitate an incident response, and detect any malware on any network before an attack occurs. Artificial intelligence allows organizations to automate processes that they use for addressing data breaches, investigating attacks, and detecting hacks to improve their cybersecurity protection. AI equipped security systems can learn an IT system over time and can continue to evolve to become smarter to give an enterprise an edge over cyber threats.


Risks Quantification

Organizations often find it challenging to quantify their cyber risk due to the vast number of variables they need to account for and lack of historic data. As such, companies must undertake a tedious cyber risk assessment, which requires them to fill questionnaires and measure organization’s risk culture and governance as well as compliance with available cyber security standards. Use of questionnaires is insufficient to quantify the extent an organization is exposed to cyber threats. However, the ability of AI technologies to generate predictions and process large pools of data can be a game changer in your cyber security system.


Detection of Network Traffic Anomaly

Today’s organizations have unique traffic patterns and experience a challenge of detecting abnormal behaviors that may indicate a malicious activity on their network. Your IT department needs to analyze thousands of correlations between external and internal network traffic metadata for them to find a correlation across protocols without the need for deep packets inspection. Startups can now use AI technologies to tackle all complex processes involved in detecting abnormal patterns on a network traffic.


Artificial intelligence continues to redefine cyber security systems across various industries, but many organizations and enterprises are yet to realize its full potential. AI proponents and researchers continue to experiment and research new technologies to increase the efficiency of threats detection. However, it is wise to work alongside a team of IT professionals who are adept at applying artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. If you haven’t deployed AI equipped systems and outsourced IT professionals to manage your cybersecurity system, then this is the best time for it.


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