Traveling the world is something that is on many peoples bucket lists, and for a good reason too. Getting to see parts of the world that are new and exciting is a real privilege and is an opportunity you should never pass up on.

However, the world is a vast place, and it can be extremely difficult to choose just one location out of the thousands on offer to visit on vacation. The following guide has highlighted four fantastic cities across the world which have an incredible diversity of things to do and are LGBT friendly so that you can spend every second of your vacation having fun.

San Francisco

The first brilliant destination you should put on your list of vacation possibilities is the wonderful San Francisco in the United States. A great way to get to know a place before you decide to go there is the use a reputable travel blog, such as, so you can find honest and personal information about the place you are traveling to.

Among other things, San Francisco is perfect for those who love history (perhaps with a bit of horror thrown in!) as you can go on a tour of the Prison of Alcatraz, learning about what life on the island was like for prisoners and guards alike.


The second destination that is definitely worth your consideration is Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Amsterdam was formerly the gay capital of Europe which makes it the perfect place for LGBT tourists to visit, alongside a vast selection of the best attractions in the Netherlands.

The city is full of hidden gems for you to discover, such as the Cinétol library which was built in 1926 as a meeting center for the theosophical society by architect duo Brinkman and Van der Vlugt. This gorgeous piece of modern architecture blends hard concrete with glass for a unique and modern look.


The next great city you should consider for your holiday is the beautiful capital of Germany, Berlin. There are millions of things you have to do if you visit Berlin, as the city is jam-packed with activities to love, such as going on a bike tour around the sites or paying your respects at the various memorials from world war two dotted around the city.

Berlin is also renowned for its nightlife and is the place you want to be if you love exclusive clubs and great alcohol.


The final place to think about is located in the United Kingdom and is considered the best place in the country for LGBT tourists, which is one of the reasons you should choose Brighton for your next holiday.

The small city is packed with personality and amazing things to see, such as the stunning Royal Pavilion which was designed with Oriental and Indo-Saracenic architecture both inside and outside, making it a sight to behold.

Wherever you decide to go on your next vacation, be sure to do your research and make the most of your time.