Successful business owners understand the importance of finding exceptional talent and retaining that talent for as long as possible. You need the right team behind you if you want to succeed in all areas. You may have taken exceptional steps to locate and recruit the talent that you currently have, and it can cost a small fortune to find and train new individuals. Your employees can leave for any number of reasons, but some of the primary reasons relate to how they are managed. If you want to improve your retention rate, these important steps are highly effective.

Honor Loyalty and Service

There are few things that are more discouraging to your long-standing employees than a failure to recognize and honor their many long years of loyalty and service to the company. These are individuals who may have spent the last decade or longer of their lives working to make your company great and to satisfy your customers or clients. Something as simple as offering years of service awards at a special luncheon may be a great way to show your gratitude. Remember that other employees are also watching how you treat your most valued employees, and they may make a decision to leave the company if they do not feel as though you value your employees’ time and effort.

Define Expectations and Do Not Deviate

One of the most frustrating things for employees is to not know what they are expected to do or how they are expected to act. Employees thrive when they have a specific list of responsibilities and tasks and when they are enabled to complete those tasks on their own or with a team. Some deviation with special projects may be expected in some positions, but you should generally let employees work on the tasks that they were specifically hired to do. The exception is if you are providing them with a great training and development opportunity.

Hire Managers Who Motivate

While employees want to have clear expectations, they also want to feel motivated to put forth their best effort. Few people enjoy being in a position where they feel as though their efforts have no real meaning or purpose. A successful manager will explain the importance of each position or task and will highlight successes in an encouraging way. In addition, a great manager will also regularly relay the importance of meeting sales goals and accomplishing other tasks in terms of department-wide and company-wide goals.

Provide Training and Advancement Opportunities

Some employees are truly happy to continue to work in the same position indefinitely. Many, however, view their current position as a stepping stone in an effort to climb the ladder. They may want to eventually be a manager, have a higher-paying position, gain new skills so that they can qualify for other opportunities or even go back to school. Employees may leave when they feel as though they have hit a roadblock in their career advancement. You should meet with your employees periodically so that you can learn more about their short-term and long-term goals. You should also discuss with them various opportunities that you may be able to offer for training, advancement and more. In addition, act on the opportunities that you discuss with them.


It is easy to feel as though there is nothing that you can do to prevent your best employees from leaving. However, any people prefer to stay put with a company that they are comfortable with if they feel that it is in their best interest to do so. You can see that there are many factors that you have complete control over that can help your team to feel valued, motivated and otherwise happy with their job and the opportunities that lie ahead. If you are struggling with churn, now is the time to identify how these and other tips may help you to improve the work environment that you offer.

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