We are living in exciting times. If you choose to listen to the media you might be mistaken for believing that everything is doomed. The economy is in disarray, we have billions of debt to repay forcing deep job cuts within the public sector and increasing the unemployment percentage. The property market appears to be headed for another dip as consumer confidence falls away. Old structures appear to have been collapsing following years of miss-management a desire to get ahead, get rich and putting profit before people.

But what if these changes were good for us?

Within every difficulty lies an opportunity. More entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires were created after the Wall Street crash in 1929 than at any over time in history.

Crisis and chaos requires us to think differently, to get inventive and imagine new possibilities and act with greater conscience. Perhaps, we are going through the much needed conscience shift we need to balance the planet and its finite resources and to begin to shift the emphasis back to people before profit.

Certainly there are some positive trends emerging;

  • Downshifting is on the increase over the last 10 years as professionals look to simplify their lives and apply a ‘less is more ‘philosophy.
  • Current economic hardship is forcing stay at home family time and inventing cheap ways to engage the children.
  • Less long haul flying keeping down carbon omissions.
  • Charity contributions may be down but volunteering time and skills has increased as individuals recognise the value of helping others and appreciate what they have rather than being merely focused on acquiring more.
  • Back to saving rather than debt creation.
  • And what about the opportunities for entrepreneurial effort?

Entrepreneurs are on the move. The figure has increased by 117% in the last 5 years in the UK though we still have a long way to go to catch up with the entrepreneurial spirit of the US. Driven by desire to be your own boss or by a change of circumstances like redundancy it doesn’t really matter. We are on the brink of massive global change.The internet has revolutionised our lives and in a short time period has begun to change how we connect, socialise and share and this is having a dramatic effect on wealth creation and the ability of people everywhere to achieve the kind of freedom they have been looking for. Collaboration is the new power.

We have an opportunity to find the autonomy, purpose and self-mastery that the psychologist, Abraham Maslow concluded was essential for us to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

That starts with finding greater opportunity for a more effective work life balance as working couples need to juggle household pressures, childcare, parental care. Commuting times in the UK have increased significantly over the last decade prompting an increase in flexible work and work from home options for employees and individuals looking for business options to work directly from home.

Cheap technology, faster wireless broadband connections, webinar platforms for global communications, effective mobile telephony like the I phone and android versions and products like Skype as well as the explosion of social media means starting an online business is no longer a barrier to entry. This is a key factor in the growth of the network marketing industry across the world.

We live in an age where knowledge can be easily accessed and exchanged and we can make an income from what we know provided we can deliver value. This frees us from an employee mentality and provides us with a very viable option of focusing our attention on the work we love to do.This allows us to very quickly establish ourselves as knowledge experts in our fields.

Many individuals affected adversely with economic collapse and financial ruin as a result of poor practise and fraudulent behaviour have established businesses and communication platforms to spread the word, campaign for change establishing more conscious brands as a result.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now enables a small business to have the same voice as a large corporate business and to build a powerful brand. It is no longer about large amounts of marketing and advertising budgets offering an unfair advantage. Solo-entrepreneurs, stay at home mums and small businesses have the agility and flexibility to respond more effectively to changing trends. We now have a level playing field in every sense of the word.

Work in the future offers us the opportunity to truly become the masters of our own destiny. The option to choose when we want to work, where we want to work and how we want to work. We have plenty of authors out there making millions by educating us on how to live the four hour work week and increase our self reliance.

Will you be an early adopter or a laggard?

Either way, the world is changing and you can choose to be a pioneer and opportunist enjoying the benefits that come with taking qualified risks or you can be forced by the waves of change.

Kath Roberts is a corporate escapee and home based business entrepreneur taking advantage of two key trends, the growth of the personal development sector and home business as a result of the internet. She is a career and life coach to others who are wanting greater self reliance.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kath_Roberts


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