The energy indicates that mastery will come of what is to follow. (This is interesting with current events at the moment, and the indicated strength of this full kk moon and equinox.)

Are You asking, when are things going to really start moving again? When are these changes, we can all feel coming, going to finally happen?

If You are feeling like quitting at this point, we all need to call bullshit to every excuse that comes up around anything right now. This is important especially when the trail seems challenging. If You are feeling overburdened and do not look up and around, then You may not even be able to see how close that You are, to where You say You are wanting to go. Every time the way forward seems to contain obstacles, it is an opportunity to bring creative energy into it.
Find ways to blend spirit with physical powerfully and remember that there is always a solution.

It is so time to take focus off of what You do not want any more. How can You be focused on the life of love and expansion that You choose, if You are busy looking down at the worn path travelled so many times in the past.

Do You yearn for deeper connection, understanding and joy? If You would like to be able to call on greater spiritual wisdom to broaden your way of being, then now is a good time to do so. This type of connection is where we are headed.

Deal with your fears now today so You are not using them to hold yourself back.

Patience is called for again and the ability to stay focused on where You want to be and how You want to be when You grow up. Live it today, even just for ten minutes. The ripple effect will be transformational throughout your life.

When is the last time You bared your soul? In a journal, to a loved one, to your creator? Take time to share what You do not like so that You can use that to recognize what You do like and want. Stay out of the story though. This will allow You to be honest about what is happening and what You are creating and what You can have influence over in the ‘now’.

In the present moment You have the ability to…the possibilities are endless!

This is your wake up call. No one is going to do this for You. It is time now to deal with any fears You have about being able to look after yourself and what You feel is valuable.

No matter what happens around You, your reaction is, just that-yours, and yours alone.rr

We are in the space between. It happens in any transition, and it is where we start to see the limitations of the current reality we’ve been playing with. For most there is a desire to be doing something when in this place of transition. AND to be willing to just settle and look after one’s self and one’s connection to source, allows for the distance between where You are and where You want to be crossed with greater ease and confidence.

Action: Notice where and how You might be adding darkness to any situations in your life. (Or anyone else’s for that matter.) Do your best to add empowerment instead. At least keep your attention on appreciation. When ever You have a thought that causes You to feel stress or to contract, take a deep full breath and release it slowly. Imagine that You breathe the stressful thought out at the same time, just letting it go.

Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.

Psychic Potentials is for You if you’re interested in developing your psychic abilities and You desire to lead a fully illuminated life from a loving and connected place.

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