by: Ted Ciuba

The whole premise of my articles, and the basis of my business philosophy, is that we get so much for so little. When we invoke the Law of Leverage by going the extra mile we tend to receive not an extra mile back, but miles and miles and miles.

And so it was just this morning, when I went out for a walk. It’s a beautiful day, about 17 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny; it’s January. I went out for a walk along the edge of the golf course, and then I saw a small lake—and I got to enjoy looking at and listening to the ducks that were there.

Now, this is an extra experience; this is a pure example of an illustration of the rewards you receive by going the extra mile….

Let me explain…

When I set out to do my walk, I didn’t intend to walk that far; I didn’t even know the lake existed, and wouldn’t have had that holomagic experience. But when I got as far as I knew I was going, then I could see more. I could see farther, I saw new vistas, and I went for it in the moment.

And that’s the kind of thing we all do. That’s the whole reason why we invest this brief time for some kind of inspirational, motivational, or strategizational message every day. And I’ll tell you another thing about it: this fits over into our businesses, of course, but it also fits over into our relationships—family relationships, friendship relationships, and relationships with God and Nature.

Go that little extra mile, and in addition to what you do for the other person, you yourself are the beneficiary.

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