The reason most golf instruction doesn’t do much for us is that golf is really about FEEL and most instruction is about position. Position of the hands, position of the feet, position of the address, position at the top of the back swing, etc.

We look at these positions, and try to copy them, but we’re using our sense of feel to put us in the position. This would be like trying to interpret a Russian document with only a mastery of English.

We have to assume thbbat what we’re feeling in the take away position, for example , is the result of actually being in the right position.

To further confuse our senses, we have to assume that the pictures of the position we’re looking at and trying to copy, are actually achievable for us given our personal physique and level or agility.

In short, in trying to convert a picture of a position into a feeling…well, something always get lost in the translation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could get a feel transfusion – like a blood transfusion – and basically have the proper feel of the swing downloaded directly into our bodies minus the translation barrier?

I really think that the golf swing is as much a natural thing for us as putting a fork into our mouths. Sure…you can counter with the fact that we began practicing with a fork at the age of one.

Here’s the point: If we had never picked up a fork until age 30, we still would have been able to fork a piece of steak and convey it to our mouths on the first try in most cases. And by the end of our first meal using a fork, we’d be doing pretty good..

We all can use a club to hit a golf ball in a general direction the first time. If we’d never seen a golf swing in our life, we’d do pretty good after a round. Our senses would help us swing harder when trying for long distances and softer for shorter distances. Our back swing would just naturally happen without conscious thought and would automatically adjust for the distances involved.

You see, the problem we have is that whether or not we’ve ever swung a club before, we’ve seen someone else do it -either in real life or on television. So beginning with our first ever swing we’re already subconsciously trying to copy what we’ve seen rather than just doing what comes naturally.

Arlin Audrain.
A dedicated golfer who helps his students uncover their natural pro swing.

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