Harnessing Energy for Psychic and Spiritual Development

By dayvassell


Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...
Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 20th century and made many highly publicized predictions.Citation needed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wanted to be able to develop the abilities of Remote Viewing, ESP, Telepathy, Healing, or Precognition?

Well, many people claim, and have claimed to have these types of abilities, and have been able to demonstrate them on numerous occasions, myself included.   On my journey, I’ve spent many hours, observing and reflecting on my inner thoughts and processes, whenever I utilized different abilities or achieved various mystical or paranormal effects.

This has given me a wealth of knowledge and understanding into how these different abilities work and how they can be replicated by others, who are capable of assimilating, this kind of knowledge.  It is this kind of cutting-edge training and teachings that this site is gearing towards, over the coming months.

The basis of all Abilities is “ENERGY”.  The abilities I mentioned earlier, Remote Viewing, ESP, Telepathy, and so forth are all related in that they are about your ability to SEE, or Perceive, Send-Receive Data, from the world around you beyond the reach of your 5 senses.   They are about using your Energy in a Way that allows you to Send-Receive knowledge and information in a way that your Brain can easily understand.

The type of information your brain understands are based on your 5 senses,  visual, auditory, tactile, and so your brain is literally hard-wired to understand and comprehend this type of data.

The reality is that we don’t use the full potential of our brains, and our “electro-magnetic” Mind Energy is capable of understanding and accessing data far beyond the range of your 5 senses.

This energy is what some call the Spirit, Prana, or Consciousness of a person.  This is the part of them that according to Quantum Mechanics, has the capacity to affect matter through the observation and focus of the attention of your Energy or Spiritual Consciousness.

This energy is a vibrational frequency of bandwidth of energy that contains all your experiences, thoughts, intentions, everything that is you, as a pattern that is vibrating constantly within the present moment that makes up you.

Science is now realizing that the brain doesn’t store our memories, but simply allows us to “tune into” our memories, and that our memories are actually stored as energy within your electro-magnetic field of your bodies.

That same energy, if it becomes strong enough, like having a generator powerful enough to power an entire house or city, instead of just a single light bulb, is what allows people to have enough energy to use up to do psychic feats or paranormal effects.

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