By Richard R Blake

The Biblical Reality of Hell

Bill Wiese, New York Times best-selling author of “23 Minutes in Hell” has written a follow up book to his first book, simply titled “Hell.” In this his second book he provides answers to the most frequently asked questions he has been asked on hell and the afterlife. He explains in more detail some of the things he personally experienced, as described earlier, in light of scriptural teaching and interpretation.


Wiese depicts hell as more than separation from God. He gives a vivid explanation the weakness he felt, the extreme problems he encountered with breathing, the disgusting odor of sulfur and brimstone, the anguish of being in presence of demons, and more details regarding his momentous experience.

The book includes uplifting accounts, stories, and testimonies of how individual lives have been radically changed for eternity while reading Bill’s earlier book.

Wiese’s work is thoroughly researched and well documented. His writing is Biblically sound, strong in appeal and convincing in presentation. The book is an incredible compilation of substance and data on the subject of hell. The collection of quotations by Biblical scholars, expository preachers, and devotional writers is imposing.

The appendix is comprehensive and includes a complete list of all the scriptural references on hell and destruction. This addition makes the book a valuable reference resource for Bible teachers, pastors, and laymen for lesson and sermon preparation or for further personal study and future reference.

Bill Wiese’s book “Hell” should be on reading lists of seminary and Bible School students and ought to be required reading for every ordained minister. This would help insure that the message of heaven and hell are brought back into the pulpit ministry of our churches.

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