By Tina Bardo

Your life feels like it’s in complete disarray. You go through the motions, and put on a happy face for the world to see… but deep down, you feel deep despair and disappointment.

Your relationships are a mess. You hate your job, your boss and getting up and going to work feels like a job in of itself.

The JOY and the juice of living the life you thought would be yours, seem to have evaporated into thin air.

If this sounds familiar, you need NOT feel alone. As an emotional intuitive and spiritual life coach, in my own work, I see more people unhappy and unfulfilled today than at any time I can remember.

The truth is, there is an easy “fix” that not only have I used in my own LIFE to affect major momentum and quantum shifts in my sense of passion and purpose, but have also led to tremendous transformation in living the life I know I deserve as well.

The secret? Understanding the power of soul contracts. And understanding that each of us has made special spiritual agreements that govern most of the important doeskins we make in this life. (and in the ones to follow)


The idea is simple, easy to understand and quite revolutionary when you try and apply it.

Psychics, mediums, philosophers, spiritual adventurers, astrologers and even many well known scientist used the idea of soul agreements between spiritual partners as a cornerstone to personal growth and happiness.

Plato, for example… in his masterpiece, “The Republic”, finishes the book with a detailed account of 12 days in the afterlife, as reported by Greek soldier named Er who is injured in battle and has a prolonger near death experience, and recounts watching all of the souls who were ABOUT to be born, making agreements that were critical to their karmic growth.

Most past life psychic readings, regressions, and recall have the exact same elements as Plato described, with every soul choosing what it needs to learn BEFORE birth for maximum growth.

Here are the core elements that can help you high step just about EVERY obstacle or challenge that each of us will face:

1 – All of your relationships are much more meaningful than you realize, on a “soul” or karmic level. Many of the people in your life, even the ones that offer you the most resistance and most difficulty are SERVING you on a spiritual level (and you them). A soul contract is a simple spiritual partner in progress that you’ve picked to mutually learn lessons that are critical to your growth.

2 -You always have CHOICE and free will with soul contracts… but things you DON’T learn now, you will be destined to repeat. For example? You may feel like the victim at work. Or you may feel under appreciated by your spouse, your boss or even your best friend. You can choose to learn the lesson of ENDING the feeling of being victimized and empower yourself, or you can learn nothing in this life, and have to repeat a similar scenario in another future incarnation or spiritual dimension.

Similarly, when you allow others to walk on you, or take advantage of you, you actually STOP and stifle their spiritual growth and evolution as well (and you “break” the agreement or contract that you have to help that person by participating in their process).

The KEY to being happy, and living a life you love?

Understanding that everything is going to be okay. And that it’s never too late to change. And that deep down, where it really counts… you are only here to live, learn and LOVE. Everything else that you are worried about is nothing to really worry about at all… and from THAT place, and perspective, true freedom is found!

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