History of the Straight Razor and How it Can Give You a Better Shave

This article will give a brief history of straight blade razor and then the pros and cons of using a straight shaving set.

1 For those who are clueless to this subject, well, it is actually a razor with a blade you can put into it’s handle. According to history, the first item that resembling the modern straight razor was found back in the Stone Age. Hence, in another word, we were still using what people back in the Stone Age used, albeit more modern and much improved designs. Back in the old days, straight razors were the top of its game, with a lot of people using it for shaving purposes. But, whenever there is a peak in life, there is a fall. The popularity of straight razor did not last long and after the 1950s, its popularity dropped drastically, as there were new and more modern shaving tools invented. Now, instead of straight shaving sets, a lot of people are using safety razors.

So, what is so great about these things in the first place? Straight razors are capable of giving its users very smooth skin as it can cut off your beard effectively. Of course, without a doubt, for the first time users, you will most likely end up with slight cuts here and there around your face and chin as blade users tend to get it, especially the first timers. But if you practiced shaving using straight blade more often, you will soon master the art of shaving using straight razor and with the mastery of the art, you can now have a smooth skin without any cut. Another plus point about straight razor is that it can handle more tasks, as in it can shave longer facial hair. Also, it is much easier to clean compared to modern shaving kit which can be easily clogged by the facial hair or the soap used during shaving.

Other than that, if kept properly, straight razor can last for decades and can be considered as heirloom, transferring to your sons and grandsons. Therefore, in order to be heirloom and in good condition, keep the straight razor out of bathroom as the humidity inside the room can turn the straight razor rusty.

2The cons of using the straight blade are without a doubt, the danger involved in it. The blade of the razor is very sharp and can be of danger if not use properly. Users need to be of utmost focus when performing the task of shaving so that there would not be any injuries happened. If you are not focused, you are strongly advised not to use a straight blade to shave. Another bad point to it is that the sharpening of the blade can be quite a troublesome to those who prefer disposable razors.

Jay Barone is a web developer in Arkansas, and owner of [http://straightshavingrazors.net]

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