By Mahadi Garach

Do you have what it takes to work as an effective paparazzo photographer? Are you ready for this extremely demanding job? The job requirement is to persistently capture professional-quality photographs of celebrities in diverse scenarios. More often, the photographer encounters very uncooperative subjects and even hostile sometimes.

1. Developing skills as photographer and securing the essential tools needed is the first step in doing the job. Most paparazzi favor highly efficient SLR cameras equipped with different sizes of lens such as 18mm to 70mm lens, 70 to 200mm as well as 400mm telephoto lens used to take photos from afar. A compact camera is effective to capture photographs in highly restricted area together with a dependable flash and long-life battery pack. Familiarity with the equipment is necessary.

2. Make self-acquainted with celebrities that are sought after by most tabloids magazines and newspapers. They are the movie stars, super models, rapper, politicians and other prominent celebrities. One key in doing paparazzi job is developing the way to recognize famous faces. Make sure that you are updated with the trends in music, pop culture and sports. Better yet, think of moving to New York or Los Angeles, which are major cities for paparazzi.


3. A photo or a video clip can be sold repeatedly to publishers, which makes paparazzi job lucrative. The financial rewards get even higher if you can capture unique shots of famous and most talk about celebrities. Uniqueness is not only limited to being rare, but taking a shot on the celebrity’s worst moments such as car mishap, heavy drinking, tripping or falling, display of rage, looking overweight and other bad day experience. This can be done if paparazzi will work 24/7 hoping to capture that one unique moment.

4. Since knowing the whereabouts of celebrities is essential to paparazzi job, contacts have to be established preferably from the inside such as to the assistants or close friends of the celebrity. Arrangements can also be made to people who can provide information on the schedules and movements of the celebrities including waiters, door attendants, bar tenders, bouncers, limo drivers, valet attendants and other people who are at vantage position in knowing the location of the celebrities.

How much you can make for a photo would depend on the quality of the picture and the type of picture taken. In most cases, the celebrity’s popularity determines how much a magazine will going to pay for the picture. Many tabloids use the same standard in paying for the photos they are interested in buying. The basic considerations in pricing a photo include the subject celebrity, if the photo is original, what is the story be-hind the picture, the quality as well as the photo’s availability to other tabloids.

If you are able to take a good and quality picture of a popular celebrity, try offering the photo to different tabloid magazines. This is one way of earning more for a job well done. The tabloids will get into bidding for a good photo just to get it exclusively. However, you must be professional in your dealing and always be true to your commitment.

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