People all across the world ask themselves the same question whenever they hear his name; how did Bill Gates become so rich? It’s a valid question for any logical person to ask considering Mr. Gates has perennially been listed as one of the richest people in the world for the last 16 years. What magic does he possess that puts him in such an exclusive t class of people? Lets look at the 10 primary reasons to answer that question:

1. Bill Gates is passionate about his work; he absolutely loves what he does and doesn’t view his business as a chore. When you love what you do you are able to stay strong when times get tough and also want to get better at what you do. Working is a way of life for Bill Gates.

2. He is a voracious learner. He has a strong hold on a wide variety of subjects and this feeds his impetus to stay curious with his work, as well as providing him with a greater understanding for what he does. He understands that the day his curiosity is gone is the same day his wealth is gone too.

3. He doesn’t do it for the money. Yes money is the medium through which one keeps score in their business and life, but attachment to it will never bring you the results you desire. Bill Gates instead puts his focus on the process of his work, rather than the money, trying to create the absolute best business that he is capable of creating. When you remove the concern for money and instead focus on the task at hand you will perform your best and ironically be in a better position to earn the most money for yourself. Don’t be in it for the money.

4. He is a technician. By learning all the technical aspects of his business from the ground up he completely understood his business inside out. He commands respect from all his employees because he knows their jobs better than they do. There is nothing he can’t do within his business.

5. Bill Gates learns from the mistakes of other businesses and people and makes certain that the same will not happen with his company. He investigates all companies and industries to see where they fell short and has trained his business to look for the same pitfalls.

6. He looks for people as smart as he is that have the ability to think independently and solve problems. He wants those that think just like he does.

7. His mastery of logic and strategy has shaped a philosophy around his business decisions that allows him to outsmart all of his competitors.

8. When one project is doing well he is somewhere making another one happen. He has never been complacent with his present circumstance and doesn’t rely on it to keep bringing him success. It is about being in perpetual motion and always looking for new avenues of income in case one goes dry.nm

9. He sacrificed a high-paying salary for more stock options in the early days of Microsoft. He bet on the strength of his company in doing this, reinvesting his personal money right back into the company. He focused on how well the company performed and his equity stake in it.

10. He has an open mind. Nathan Myhrvold, one of his top guys at Microsoft, has stated how open Mr. Gates is with problem solving within the company. He believes that a group problem solving atmosphere is more productive than having one or two people constantly coming up with all the answers. He knows that no person, no matter how smart they may be, has all the answers.

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