By Warren Marion 

The transcendental style of meditation is unique and is fundamentally different from other meditation techniques. In fact, more than 5 million people all over the world have been practicing this technique. It was founded in 1957 by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi.

This type of meditation is very easy to practice and learn. Many published studies have documented the benefits of this activity for relationships, mind, body and the environment.


People eagerly learn the meditation because of the following reasons:

– It reduces stress and tension and brings balance and peace to life
– It improves health especially if you have stress related problems
– Develops greater happiness, broader awareness and refined emotions and feelings
– Maximizes overall performance and improves relationship
– Develops a more tolerant and mature personality

The transcendental style of meditation is simple to learn and implement. It is neither mental discipline nor mind control. It is neither concentration nor you have to control your muscles or breathing. A person practicing this type of meditation is not happy for a day or month but quite contended of all his or her years.

Doctors recommend it as they have themselves experienced its benefits. If you want to lead a healthier, happier and longer life then you must practice this form of meditation. You too can experience the joy of stress free life that you had always dreamed of.

For children and teens who are exposed to high levels of stress in today’s fast paced level, meditation has become a necessity. It effectively prevents accumulation of stress that can wreak havoc on your health. In fact this technique is an easy way to better your health. If your child is suffering from a learning disorder then this technique can solve your problem to a great extent.

This type of meditation is an effortless, natural procedure that is practiced for around twenty minutes in the morning as well as evening. You have to sit comfortably with eyes closed. During this form of meditation, your awareness settles down and you end up in a unique restful state, a unique state of alertness.

As your body becomes relaxed and experiences transcendental consciousness while dissolving accumulated fatigue and stress through deep rest. This experience stimulates your creativity, orderliness, dynamism and organizing power resulting in success in daily routine and at office work.

This technique is scientific and does not adopt any particular lifestyle. This practice doesn’t involve any concentration or effort. You do not need any special ability to learn this technique. People belonging to all age groups, educational backgrounds, religions and cultures throughout the world can practice this technique and enjoy its benefits.

People who practice this meditation technique daily have less anxiety, increased self confidence and self esteem, warmer interpersonal relationship, enhanced problem solving ability. The individual radiates a nourishing and purifying influence of harmony which is beneficial to the society. So if you want to bring serenity and peace into your life and improve physical and mental health then this activity may be an excellent option for you.

Scientific evidence clearly indicates that this works much better than other mental techniques to treat a disorder. It has been strongly recommended for promoting and maintaining good health.

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