In business today, you need to be able to research well in order to get ahead. With so much information available your competition will be looking at it. If you’re not, you could miss out on opportunities that you overlooked. So protect your profits and run a successful business by doing research the right way:


Define Goals

Without a clear idea of what you are trying to do, you cannot do the right research. You need to start with a goal of what revenue, customer level, and profit levels you want to reach. This will guide the rest of the process and keep your team focused on the task at hand.


Define Market

Defining your target market is the first step in researching your project. This should align with your goals that you set above. If you don’t know anything about your market you cannot create the right advertising and marketing that will make them buy your product. When you know their demographics, hopes, dreams, and fears, you can empathize with your customer and convert more.


Validate Your Idea

Part of your research is the validation phase. This is where you take what is already on the books and push it out to the marketplace. You are looking to see if people are as ready to buy it as you think. If your validation test goes well, you can invest the results back into further campaigns and grow it from there. Otherwise, you need to go back to the previous step and start over.


Run Analytics

With so much information available today, you need to use analytics. Otherwise you are leaving money on the table. Great analytics can show you where you are making profits and which conversion rates are paying for your campaigns. Whether your business is software, services, or ecommerce business analytics can be a vital research tool to glean more insight on your industry without a lot of work because it runs passively in the background.



Don’t just rely on the hard cold numbers. Be sure to use your creativity and come up with research out of brainstorming that should be pursued. You never know when you could find a breakthrough.


Look at the Sales Process

Online, there is a sales process that needs to be followed to convert more customers. It has four components, and you need to see which parts of your process are helping or hurting your business:



At the top end of your sales funnel is the attention part. Without the right attention it is impossible to grow your brand. Focus on finding ways to get more people into your funnel on social media and email if your research shows that you don’t have enough leads.


Interesting Content

Using marketing analytics, you can track how much engagement you are getting with various parts of your business, such as the content marketing side of things. If your content is not drawing people in and encourage them to buy, you may need to figure out what kind of customer you are best suited to serve.


Using Urgency and Other Tactics

Make sure to A/B test your offers. Research what is being used in your industry and already working for others. You might find that a certain technique, image, or approach is getting more conversions. You will only find this out if you test and realign your sales.



Without knowing your competitors, you will be shooting in the dark. Make it a habit to investigate what they are doing on a regular basis. This could give you immense knowledge about how to innovate in better ways.


In the information age, you need to do better research than the competition. If you place the right focus on this portion of your business you can enjoy getting more out of your investments and seeing results faster. That way you can have more to invest in new initiatives and continue to grow your brand.


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