By Cheryl Holland

We have the power to create and attract success in our lives by what we say and by what we do. What are you going to do differently in 2013 that will cause the shift in your life that you’ve been looking for? If you’re determined not to live another year with the same results, then you must have strategies (not resolutions) to make real change. Whatever your desires are for the coming year there are some basic mindset principles that are important for quicker and long-lasting success, whatever your life or financial goals. Here are 6 quick tips to get your life and money in alignment for a change in 2013.


  1. Link up with women who think in terms of success. Women who are purpose driven or entrepreneurs will speak and behave differently than the average woman. She invests in herself realizing that she will always get a return on her investment. The average woman is the one you do not want to dominate your time in 2013. She instead spends on herself but does not invest in her growth, therefore she does not have much to offer you toward your purpose and life or business success.
  2. Create an environment of order. Money and success love to go where there is order. Bring some order to your purse or wallet, even if it’s simply putting your dollar bills in numerical order and facing all the same direction. Collect your loose change from the bottom of your purse and put it where it belongs in your wallet. If you want more in your life, get in order what you already have.
  3. Spend time in prayer and meditation. If you think you can have true success in your life, business and relationships and not invest in your spiritual life then you’re missing it. Successful people know the value of a relationship with God and how it impacts everything including your success in business.
  4. Know your purpose. Make 2013 the year that you finally dedicate some real time and energy to determine your life purpose. Discovering your purpose will give your life direction so that you can create the life that leads you to your destiny with the least amount of detours as possible. If you’re spending time in prayer and meditation, this should not be very difficult.
  5. Give your money purpose. Whether it’s loose change you find in your car or at the bottom of your purse, as well as your regular monthly income, give all of it a purpose. Start collecting coins in a jar and give it a purpose for what you’ll do with it when the jars full (make a purchase that’s going to bring value to your life). All of your money should have purpose. Money with no purpose does what people without purpose do: not much.
  6. Treat money now how you will treat it then. I know you have all of these plans for doing good things “when I am making more money”. I will tithe, give to charity, and help more people when I am making more money is what you tell yourself. More money only shines the light on you to become more of who you are, so make sure you are now who you want to be then! Do now what you say you’ll do then. Anyway, when you give and invest you always get an increased return.

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