Have you noticed how almost everyone you meet is excelling in one area of their life? You will know people who are in great health or those that have a great job or are great with their kids. You might know someone who is great with money or great with their community or church.  imagesWhy is this?

It’s because we have all mastered the way of creating instant momentum – we’re just not aware of it! That’s why you rarely come across people who are excelling in ALL areas of their life. You might be lucky and know one or two people who seem to do everything excellently but usually people have one major strength and a series of weaknesses.

It doesn’t need to be this way. The reason it happens this way is that people believe that the area of their strength is a natural gift or talent or something they are especially suited to or enjoy more than everything else. This is true to a certain extent but what we don’t realise is that we can begin to feel in this way about EVERYTHING we do if we just start to investigate our one major strength.


Take people who are great at body-building for example. They are often the envy of those around with their toned bodies and bulging biceps. But there are tactics and thought processes they have applied to shape their bodies in this way.

Of course, the muscles don’t just pop up out of thin air – they are the result of repeated actions over long periods of time. But what is the cause of these actions in the first place? The answer is THOUGHTS.

Body builders have powerful muscles because they have first had POWERFUL THOUGHTS.

Building muscle takes time, discipline, self-control and pain management! There isn’t really ANYTHING that people aspire to achieve that cannot be accomplished by using these qualities. And yet we all believe that our one key strength (whether it’s health, finances or relationships etc.) is so strong because it’s who we are.

If you start to apply the tactics you use to gain INSTANT MOMENTUM when you perform your key strength what you experience is nothing short of a miracle. You start to discover that your real strength lies in your ability to think, motivate and move yourself into instant action by applying a certain set of thought patterns.fdgb


This is when life becomes really exciting. You start to excel not just in one or two areas but in everything you do. You become a superstar performer across the board.

Think of yourself as round inflated ball. Each part of the surface of that ball is a particular discipline or habit that you perform. Now if you have hole in that ball what you do think is going to happen? That ball is going to deflate! You can be great in 90% of areas but just ONE SINGLE HOLE in ONE area will let the whole thing down!

This can be hard to grasp at first – how could your ability to build wealth, for example, affect your health? Well aside from the direct impact of not being able to afford the best, healthiest foods and gym memberships / equipment etc. there is an even more dramatic effect at play here.

As in the ball metaphor – any one weakness or slippage DEFLATES your self-esteem. There is a small partr of your mind, sometimes even your unconscious mind, that knows you are not performing in this one area. To put it bluntly – your mind can start to think you are living a lie.

“Why are you pretending to be an outstanding performer by demonstrating excellence in this area when it’s clear you’re not as in this area over here you’re not applying the same principles and disciplines?”


It has taken me decades to grasp this simple lesson and I hope you are able to learn it quicker!

The quality of your life and the heights that you reach are not determined by the things you do. The quality of your life is determined by your willingness to master specific, momentum-creating thought patterns repeated for every area of your life via daily disciplines.

Or stated another way – it’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW WELL you do it and your mastery of what MOTIVATES AND MOVES YOU applied across all areas of your life that will ultimately shape your destiny.

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