Living Life To The Fullest
by: Michael Griffiths


 Living a life full of purpose, passion and happiness does not need to be as hard as we believe.


A lot of the time the reason why we’re not living the life we want or dream off is because we are waiting for someone else to do something about it. We’re not taking the responsibility ourselves to make the changes we need and to follow our true purpose, passion and desires. This has nothing to do with anyone else – it’s all about YOU!


Having the gift of a happier, more satisfying life isn’t easy and that is why so few people actually achieve all that they want out of life. In fact most people don’t even achieve 1/3rd of what they want in life. People go through the daily routines, the daily grind expecting that one day it might be different.


Setting Goals Allows You To Achieve Greatness: The trick is to own them, to make them yours. Not what your Mum wants, nor what your guidance counsellor told you was right for you…but what YOU want. If you were to ask yourself the following questions, what would the answers be. What do I want to be doing in 1 years time, 3 years, 5 years , 10 years What is my true passion in life? Are you doing it? Why not? What could I do today that is different and improves the quality of my life?


Many people have not thought about what they truly want in years. This is partially due to the vague notion that many carry around that says ‘someday I’ll have more time to figure it out and then I’ll get what I want’.


This is NOT how it works…some day is NOW. Tomorrow will never come, and our time here is limited. You can either choose for this to be a depressing thought and turn away from it, or face it straight on and FREE YOURSELF. Today is all we have – live it up! Dream with passion! PLAN to do things you love and which are fun…there is no time like the present!


You Must Set Priorities: In these busy times, it is time we realize that we cannot do it all. Nothing is created without us actually creating everything we want – I firmly believe this – but we all have 24 hours in a day, and things do slip through the cracks.


Therefore, the more we hone our focus and decide what our priorities are, the better we can live each day from that focus, and accomplish more of the things that matter to us as individuals. This is not goal-setting. Goals ARISE from this work, and allow you to accomplish those things that you wish to. This allows us to live each day with a strong sense of purpose, aliveness and joy. The trick to living this way is two-fold: the first thing you need to do is look at your overall life and decide what you want it to be about.


A good way is to think about what your life looked like as you float above it at the end of your life. Ask yourself what you will regret most if you don’t change it? What do you want said about you when you’re gone? What kind of a legacy would you like to leave? What will you wish you had done? The second part ties your priorities and your goals together. The best two tips in this area I have heard in years are extremely simple: 1. Make a list every night of the five things you MUST accomplish tomorrow, and then DO THEM tomorrow, in the order of those you want to do least first. 2. Ask yourself each day: What can I do today that I’ll be glad I did tomorrow? This one step is amazingly powerful, as you will see after a few days.


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Have A Vision Of Your Life: How many times have you heard that you must visualize what you want in order to get it? Did you know that in studies with Olympic-calibre athletes, tests have shown that they performed just as well after visualizing themselves going through the motions with precision, as when they actually practiced physically? Additionally, in brain and muscle tests, all the same neurons in the brain and muscle fibres in the body were activated during intense visualization as during the actual athletic endeavour.Amazing? YES! Use this to your advantage in your own life! Practice and improve your ability to clearly and precisely picture yourself being in the situations you wish to create. There are some guided meditations in the Wealth Beyond Reason program that we have found to be very helpful with this process.


HEALTH: This has been addressed in many places, but my two best tips are: Eat less, and more often. Studies have shown that those who eat less actually survive longer, and with this happy, passionate life you are building you’ll want to prolong it as much as you can! Also, eating smaller amounts every 3-4 hours serves to boost your metabolism and burn more fat…helping you to be healthier and have more energy. Think of your metabolism like a fire…consistently feed it in little amounts. If you starve it or smother it, the results will be less to your liking.


The second tip is to get moving, and do it consistently. This one thing, if you are not already doing it, will make a huge difference for you. Go for walks, take up new sports – do whatever you have to do to stay active, and enjoy increased energy and stamina, as well as more clarity in your thoughts.


ROLE MODELS: Get some new ones. Look for people and situations that empower you, and remind you of the magnificence of the human spirit and what is possible. This lifts you out of your narrow, every day focus, and gives you a broader perspective.


Do you know the 5 closest friends is the average wage / amount of money you will also earn.


So put in place and have a look at just those 5 little areas in your life and you will notice and amazing difference nearly instantly.


Enjoy life, live with passion, purpose and happiness!




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