How to Make Money Online – Final Secrets From the Masters

There was a moment’s silence. And then the applause began. I looked around the auditorium and had to pinch myself. Were they really applauding me? All I had done was share how I had built up my web businesses. But it was true, all of it. And all due to the twelve secrets of making money online that had been give to me by two remarkable people.

I was walking to my rental automobile when someone called out, “Hi. You were really great tonight. Congratulations. You really understood those secrets didn’t you?” And a moment later my hand was being shaken.

2“Your flight isn’t for a few hours, is it? Let’s take some time to wrap up what you need to know.” I looked at him. “I’m sorry,” I said, “But do we know each other?”

“Not exactly,” the man said. “But we have two friends in common. They gave me the secrets too. And I want to share the final ones with you now. You’re ready for them. I can tell.”

We got into the car and headed towards the airport.

“The thirteenth secret of making money online?” he began conversationally. “Success is an inside job. Keep a positive mindset. Discover what works for you to keep you relaxed. Stress is not on the success menu. A refusal to think negative keeps you sane and healthy. Because there will come a time when you wobble. When you wonder if your success is going to stop suddenly. It won’t, I promise you. But you need to always program yourself for abundance.”

“The Fourteenth Secret of making money online? It’s this. Gratitude. Cultivate gratitude for all that goes well in your web business. You don’t deserve your customers. You can’t take them for granted. They have other places to spend their money. Make them really know that they matter to you. Nurture them ceaselessly. Overwhelm your customer with care that goes way, way beyond the norm. And they will be ambassadors for you. For ever.

“The Fifteenth Secret? Fun! Enjoyment! Exhilaration! Dance like no one is watching! It’s probably the greatest time to be building an internet business. In fact, it’s probably never been easier. But don’t get serious. Don’t be heavy. Don’t make it an uphill struggle. Enjoy your success and spread it around.”

He paused. “And that’s where you come in.”

“Me?” I asked, driving the car into the airport rental return park. “How do you mean?”

“You know the secrets now,” he answered. “The secrets of how to make money online. You’ve put them into practice. And tonight’s talk showed that you are prepared to share it. And that is THE secret of making money online. Here – ” he reached for his wallet and took out a business card. “Here’s my number. But I don’t think you’ll need to get in touch any more. Take care. And enjoy the journey!”

2He was gone.

I had to hurry for my flight, and it wasn’t until we were at cruising level that I had a chance to check his name and address. His card was like the previous two I had in my wallet. Name, address and number on one side. I flipped it over, and there was just one word: “You”.

I paused. And then I got it. I slowly took out the other two cards and placed them side by side alongside the one I had just received. And I understood.

The three Masters of making money online had one final message for me. Perhaps, the ultimate secret. The three cards laid side by said formed this powerful, life enhancing message:

The first read, “Internet Mastery – “.

The second read “Is Within – “.

And the third? “You”.

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