We all have the same amount of time if we are to convert it in mathematical form. All of us have twenty-four hours in one day. Wherever you are and whatever your status may be in life, as long you are a human being and living on earth we all have the same amount of time. But do we have the same definition of time? What is TIME really to you? To some, TIME is eternal. To others, TIME is limited, and yet to another, TIME is only a number. Still there is another that believes TIME is transitory, TIME is coming, TIME is fragile, TIME is precious, TIME is constant.dd

Do you ever feel stressed? Does feeling each ticking of the clock seem so upsetting and depressing you can hardly stand to go on? Have you ever thought about why this is? What made it happen to be like this? Is it because of time? Or is it because of what you put into the time? Stress is often a result of the feeling of being “fixed or stuck” in the moment or in a particular frame of mind. A great example of this is when we are thinking of our future in a very hopeless state. It will lead us to the feeling of being down, sad, and depressed. It will make us feel as if we have no control of our life. It feels like during this kind of situation life is a waste of time yet lasts forever. You must know that we can quickly change these kinds of feelings when we change or re-focus our thinking on what we can do at the present moment. A simple shift from the past or future to the present state will immediately change our emotional position. Our emotions, therefore, are greatly impacted by the time frame in which we are operating out of.

Many times we often forget that our experiences are the result of our mental focus. Our experiences are actions and our actions are a result of what we are thinking at any given moment.

We should never forget that time well taken care of solves the affairs of life. Time solves confusion. Time solves problems. Allowing some time to pass by while pondering and thinking will solve all of life’s issues and troubles.

Our ability to expand, to enjoy, and to make our experiences colorful, memorable, and unforgettable is mainly controlled by our focus in a given moment. This is why time mastery is a life skill we must develop if we want to succeed.

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