Not assuming that you do not know what the “it” in my title means, I will tell you now without mincing a word. The big “it” is identity theft. The key to avoiding identity theft is micro management, and a high awareness level of what is really going on. I am not saying, be paranoid, but make high awareness at least an unconscious habit within you so that you can help yourself when “it” even has a chance of happening. Many a life has been ruined because of the absence of this simple habit which I will detail the productive use of in this article. In fact, there is even a television show about the use of this habit with an actor named Simon Baker called “The images (15)Mentalist” on a major television network that shows the kind of awareness in daily life that I am talking about. But, that is indeed beside and next to the point I am getting at in this article, although it is part of the point.

Sure, life, existence and things related to these things are always something to keep constant tabs on with extreme care. But you must make awareness a habit instead of something you do once in a while or identity theft will definitely happen to you. Sure, I am saying be vigilant, but I am not saying be paranoid or irrationally fearful. I am saying be rationally cautious in your affairs though. This is a warning, to be sure, but this also saying, make caring for yourself in a rationally vigilant and cautious, yet not paranoid way a habit. You see, paranoid makes you so fearful that you miss something in an unconsciously human relaxed moment that naturally happens with the conscious human capacity for mistakes. But if the habit is unconsciously mastered, then you have got it, and there is less chance of this sort of mistake. I did not say no chance, but the chance is greatly lessened when it is habit. That is the bottom line of what I am saying.

As I said in an earlier article, the ideal is unconscious or deep level mastery and not surface “just knowing your stuff” or whatever. But what I mean is having things “down packed” or worked out as a habit as well as knowing what to do consciously and doing it at both levels, unconscious and conscious so that it all works together. Now you are starting to get what I mean by high awareness level, micro management and all related terms. Because the only time you can be “too safe” is when mastery is only at the conscious level and no deeper. Logically to be a master at all levels is the best thing in life, because you are working fully cognitively in a balanced way and not just in an imbalanced way focussed on either level. That is when you are more likely to make irrational mistakes. So, what are rational mistakes? Mistakes in your favor that work for good are also known as “good luck” or working divine providence. But whatever mistakes in your favor are, they are always better than mistakes against you or mistakes in judgement.

In reality, good things come to the rationally vigilant as opposed to the paranoid. Sure, in other article I have used terms such as “my lights are out, everyone is home and holding shotguns” and that kind of thing. That is only partially true, for, indeed, I balance my conscious vigilance with unconscious mastery, meaning I am balanced and not overt in both areas. Attentiveness must be balanced with self mastery or it does become paranoid, that is my point or conscious attentiveness must be balanced with unconscious or habitual natural style self mastery. This is what is meant by “have a cool head and a hot brain” and other expressions like that, to be somewhat colloquial in this part of the article. A “cool head” is the relaxed attentiveness that is natural yet focused consciousness that is natural and works, a “hot brain” is a genuinely working brain that is spatially balanced and attentive at conscious and unconscious levels yet not paranoid and unbalanced.

So, the point of micro management, middle management, high management and all management itself is to make things work. That is all. When you work, “it” works. “It” in this case, meaning your life, your existence, your reality. When “it” genuinely runs on all cylinders and works, that is what it comes down to, something someone can try to take, but never succeed at taking, because it does work, it manages itself. Sometimes with even ultimately positive mistakes, because of the learning from the mistakes factor or better, a mistake that is in the favor of what is being done ultimately. Note that I did not say perfection or ideal, I just said learning or in favor of what is being done, which allowsimages room for things to happen ultimately right even when there are “negative mistakes” or seeming flaws. So, I end by paraphrasing Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”: “For every adversity, there is an equal or better advantage or benefit [if it is worked out right through persistence, effort and reasonable patience, understanding and tolerance].” That captures my point and the reality of any situation, bad or good in full. Especially a bad situation, sometimes good when the mistake is in your favor. But, still, it must be understood and worked to work for you ultimately. So, I really end by quoting my Dad: “There are no shortcuts, except what you do right.” I rest my case. Thank you for reading.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective thinker and honest action taker who is vigilant about his affairs. I have had identity theft attempts happen to me a couple of times, so I know of whence I talk about in this current article. But through steps I have taken, I stopped it in its tracks. Although I am not worried, I am quietly cautious and honestly vigilant as a habit, not anything paranoid. I also work at a senior center in Gardena, California


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