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With times changing so much, it’s expected the daily lifestyle will change as well. With that being said, it is no surprise that many, if not all, companies have made it so that customers can shop extensively online, rather than coming into the store. It is estimated that 79 percent of people shop online, even though most of the time it costs more to do so than it does to go into the store. However, by keeping a few rules of online shopping in mind while doing so, one can cut the cost significantly.


One of the most important things to do when and before online shopping is research. This can be seen as simple sizing differences among stores, or also just seeing what stores have the same product offered for less. Competitive pricing is a strategy that is often used when it comes to marketing industries. What this means in terms of the buyer, is that most of the time the same thing you want can be purchased for a lower price at a competing store.

Sometimes, the extra price one is paying is simply for the name brand. Amazon is known for having cheaper duplicate items that look the same, if not identical, to the ones offered on higher end websites. Taking the time to do research to see where else this product is offered and for how much can save the individual a lot of money in the long run.

Additionally, with research comes learning about the store in general. Some shops are known to have sizing issues, whether the sizes run too big, too small, or they are true to size. Getting this information about the store, and of their return policies and such can do a great deal when it comes to making the online shopping process as easy as possible, because obviously, one can not try on clothes before purchasing them during the online shopping process.

Outside Tools

Another characteristic of a good online shopper, is that they use outside tools to make the job easier. Nowadays, there are many platforms such as Retailmenot, and Honey, which are tools that allow people to share and generate coupon codes for various stores online. For instance, the “Honey” tool when opened in browser, will literally scan the page and items in the bag at checkout, and automatically test and apply to see if any of the coupon codes they have in the system will work for the order at hand. This is a quick way to save lots of money.


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Being Realistic

Finally, with online shopping comes being realistic. Some items are able to be bought online, why others simply shouldn’t be. For example, buying cars online is something that can be done today. While this may be efficient for some, for others, being able to get in the car and test drive it before purchasing is an important step in the process. This can also be applied to clothing shopping when it comes to special events and many other aspects of online consumerism.


Being able to browse stores from the comfort of one’s own bed is a gift that has afforded many people luxury and ease when it comes to making the necessary daily purchases of life. With that being said, online shopping is meant to be easy and efficient and it should stay that way. There is no need to overcomplicate it. Applying various tools and guidelines for yourself can ensure that this process stays as simple as possible, giving customers the best experience they can have when shopping online. 


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