Now more than ever women are taking on the workforce like a mighty rushing wind. I’ve heard the saying a few times that the future is female. Are women really rising up and taking over the world? How awesome is it that women can do the same thing as men and some may do it even better. However, of course there is always a stereotype of females in the workplace. Women have overcame so much and now they are becoming ceos and bossing up.


You Can’t Do That You’re A Girl


There are so many jobs that women are doing now that I would have never guessed in a million years. Seeing women as construction workers and in positions such as a female software engineer is a clear evidence of those barriers being broken. Women have been held down by society for so long and they are now doing many different jobs that only men were allowed to do such as photographers, pharmacists and tax managers just to name a few. Think about it even in the older movies you would never see women working any of those jobs i mentioned. You would see them at home taking care of the kids and taking care of house duties. Now she is bringing home the bacon.


More Money


Now that women equality is in affect in the workplace there are so many different things that has changed for women over the past twenty years. One of those things are equal pay. Women at one point and time could not make the same amount as men even working in the same position. This was even if she would get hired because a lot of women would not even get the job or get hired simply because they were a woman. I never understood it, maybe it’s because men essentially ran the society and since they felt superior that could have started the entire women and men epidemic. The great news is that it’s now all over and everywhere you go now when applying for jobs they will have a little fine print saying this is an employer that hires women or you will see this is an equal opportunity type verbiage at the very bottom of the application which shows you that they respect and treat everyone equally.


Women Overcame


In conclusion, women have been breaking barriers left and right, there are becoming owners of businesses and they are making equal pay as men on jobs. The women rights movement stood for treating women equally and also in 1920 after it was added to the

amendments it gave women the right to vote. There will always be different types of stereotypes whether it’s women, men, race, skin color, religion, sexuality and disability however there are now laws in place that makes us a society treat everyone the same and everyone deserves to be treated equally.

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