How To Teach Your Teenager How to Drive

Having a teenager that is ready to start driving can be an exciting thing for the teen but a scary thing for the parent. They need to make sure the teenager knows how to drive properly and how to be safe on the road. Here is some advice for teaching a teen how to drive.

Before Getting Behind the Wheel

The parent needs to show the teen where all of the signals and lights at. The teen should become familiar with the location of the turn signals, headlights, and other safety features. They should practice turning them on. The teen should also adjust the mirrors so that they can see properly and should put on their seatbelt. The parent needs to take a deep breath and remember it is important to stay calm at all times. They should have a location picked out that is not crowded and open such as a parking lot after a business has closed for the day. 

Low Speeds

Once the teen has shown they are getting the basic concept of operating the car they can start on a quiet street. The teen can work on staying on the correct side of the road, braking, and stopping the car. They can also learn to scan the road for hazards. The parent should help the teen scan the road too. The radio should not be on. Talking should be kept to a minimum other than to instruct. Talking can be a distraction. The parent should also warn the teen about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. 


Some cars including a crossover SUV may be difficult to park. The parent should help the teen learn to pull in an out of a parking space in a parking lot. They should also teach them how to pull in and out of the driveway and the importance of looking all around them before putting the car into motion. It can take some time to be able to judge if the car will fit into the parking space. Once a student gets the feel for parking the parent should begin to work on parallel parking since this is still on the driving tests in most states. 

Higher Speeds

Eventually, the teen is going to need to learn how to drive on main roads or even the highway. This can be scary. The teen should be taken on the road at the quietest part of the day. They need to learn how to merge and change lanes. They also need to be taught that it will take more time to stop at higher speeds and the proper distance to keep away from the car in front of them. They also need to learn how to share the road with large trucks.

These are some important things to remember when teaching a teen how to drive. While driving can be exciting it can also be dangerous. A parent needs the teen to understand the rules of the road and with the privilege to drive comes responsibility.

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